Hey, who could it be now?

8/19/97- This is the very funky first casting... I'm not really happy about the way it turned out; could be just the quick paint job, but something doesn't look right to me. For one thing, her skin's too pale. Her face isn't wide enough? Helluva time to figure that out! I think she looked better in the earlier picture! At least the light lens looks neat-- it's a clear casting of the top of a container of Quicksteel, re-formed and patched up.

This is also a bitch to cast, so I'm not going to be offering it for sale as a kit, at least not until I stop being a tempermental lazy asshole arteeeest. (Sorry, the freebie kits are already spoken for...)

Ahhhh...It's just one of the luxuries you can afford when you're as successful as Stellar Cast Creations.

8/6/97- That's why they call her "Queen of the Set".

8/4/97- She's been named, so once I take care of the ton of petite details, she'll be ready to go. On to the next stage-- molding & casting. The base is under consideration... A wooden one would be a lot cheaper, but I can't seem to find more than one of the one I'm using. It wouldn't be a complete kit without one. The scene doesn't suggest anything to me--this is a realistic piece, so I don't think a giant mutant rat would work. Wood planks & cables? Boooooring... But it may be the only solution...

08/3/97--Just so you don't think I'm getting lazy or burned out (naw, never), here's some proof that I have been working-- slowly. I can't seem to get too excited about doing things like feet and hands. They seem so anticlimactic after working on the head & torso.

07/27/97--Giving her a skull or an Uzi to hold would have been a heckuva lot simpler. Instead, I've got this stage light looking thing, and I don't even have a decent reference photo to model it after. She's supposed to be fondling the adjustment knob of a non-existent tripod mount. Scratch building it is no big deal, but I've gotta think of production... What's easy for a one-time job becomes a major hassle when you turn it into a kit with all parts included. So I'm relying heavily on Evergreen styrene-- it doesn't make sense to recast a crummier copy in resin. The only casting is going to be the light housing itself, and that's just a slightly modified contact lens case. As for the lens-- I'd prefer to have a cast piece with concentric circles--but clear resin is expensive and only available in large quantities. For the handful of kits that I'll make, this doesn't make much sense.

07/26/97--Fine tuning, detailing... this stuff takes forever! Bra detailing is difficult to do and I haven't mastered the technique...but it's been fun. I'd never really studied one of those things before. I knew about the hooks & all, but never really looked. It's really a strange contraption with all sorts of interesting arbitrary patterns-- my guess would be that they're necessary for structural reasons. Only the engineers know for sure. I wonder...have those guys thought of embroidering anything else besides flowers, vines & geometric patterns? How about some dolphins? smiley faces? slogans? advertising?

07/24/97--(right) Body reconstruction. I had to snip the armature in half to compress her torso. This obliterated a lot of detail & shaping. It beats me why I don't see these things when they're easier to correct!

07/23/97--A rough sculpt of the new bod; tons of work needed still. Although it really hurt to ditch the "Texas-sized" boobs, the consolation is her hips & belly button. Also, since there's no back to the picture, I can pretty much do whatever I want-- I was thinking of doing the "nails in cheeks" thing there. (Hey! The sculptor's gotta have some fun!)

07/21/97--Fattened up her face, softened it a bit, widened her nose-- thanks Ed B. and Dan H! I've been sooo curious whether this looks right, so I decided to do a junk casting & paint it. Quick paint job, the mold compound was really old so there are pinholes (not acne scars) that are partially filled. Soooo... does she look right yet?

07/19/97--This may be as far as my talents & equipment will let me go. One of the difficulties is that my monitor has some horizontal distortion, but no way to adjust it. So everything comes out tall & skinny. When I sculpt from scanned in pictures, I have to compensate for the compression by making everything slightly fatter. That's okay though-- fat's where all the flavor is.

07/17/97-- Whoa! Major change, huh? This is a gut-wrenching process-- I liked the look of the weird hairdo, but not on this one. I've changed directions and have decided to model this after an actual photo, but with some slight "improvements". You might want to call this a "Super deformed", although in the real world it's called "augmentation", as in from a C-cup to a ??? Hey, it's all just fantasy anyway! If it counts as one (or two) of the six points that you're supposed change to keep the lawyers away, I'm 1/6th (or 1/3rd) of the way there.

Hmmmm... Still something not quite right about this. For one thing the right eye is slightly too far over, and her jaw is too manly. The scales & borg parts probably ought to go. My hesitation is that in order to bring value to the stuff that I sell, I feel like I should overload the sculptures with detail. Besides, it's fun to do and it makes me feel less like a 3-D photocopier.

07/16/97-- Ok, here are some slight modifications + a Photoshop altered version. People just don't look the same when they don't have irises & pupils. Also, a touch of eye shadow also helps. No idea if it'll look like this when actually painted though. The sculpt needs some work, especially the left eye, which is too slanted & evil-looking. Doncha just love the hairdo? Why do I instinctively go for the sexual themed stuff? Huh?

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