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Thanks to Scott Carroll for nominating me, and Eric G. Myers for writing such an eloquent piece! (the checks are in the mail, guys.)

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This Week's Cool Toy Site

Jimbob-Wan's Image Depot

Straight from the user recommendation file, this site is so much fun, you'll choke on your popcorn. At first glance, this might appear to be just another custom action figure site. But dig beneath the surface and read between the lines and you'll find a whole new meaning to the concept of customizing. Jimbob, creator of this trip into his personal lunacy, gives the impression that he is playing with your mind while he is playing with his toys.

I am ever so tempted to describe some of the stuff found in these 15 galleries, but part of the fun is being surprised so I will refrain from spoiling it for you. Be advised, some of the humor here is of a mature nature (and as the site advises, Gallery 00 may be a bit much for the over-sensitive, uptight, all-too-politically-correct crowd). But when it comes down to it, it's all in good fun. No one gets hurt (as long as you take Jim's recommendation and use ergonomically designed products and keep a safe distance from the monitor).

Don't pigeonhole this one as a custom site. It's a self-created decimation of pop icons that is more effective at demonstrating the absurdity of modern pop culture than Michael Jackson's Super Bowl halftime show. You'll understand once you've spent an hour wandering the galleries.

Brief technical notes: The server for this page is a wee bit fickle. Sometimes the connect times are almost instantaneous and other times interminable. If you don't get a reasonably quick link, try hitting the link again or the reload button. Trust me, you will become impatient once you've sampled this site. You'll want to see it all.

Keep those recommendations coming!

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