Last modified: Sunday, January 7, 2001 6:10 PM

It was exciting to see Valentine Armouries at the 25th Annual Texas Renaissance Festival, since I've visited their kewl web site so often. Seeing this stuff up close and in person is so much better than seeing web site photos, but I'm afraid that's all I could bring you! Of course, I really wanted to buy a full set of armour (reason unknown, except that they're really neat) but they're awfully expensive, where would I put it, and damn it would be heavy to lug to the automobile. (The wife didn't buy the rationale that it would be a useful thing to have when attempting to wash the cat.)

The Renaissance Festival was very enjoyable-- a raucous, carefree happening, with quite a few people dressed in elaborate period costuming, "steak on a stake" (drooool), and lots of uplifted/uplifting breastflesh (more drooool ;^). People seem a lot happier when they're not all neurotic about that sort of thing--it's a very healthy attitude, as opposed to... (Sorry, I just had slip that in.) Still, I couldn't interest my wife in getting that chainmail halter top. Maybe next year? Did I mention that the food was really good?