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Kids, do not try this in your kitchen! Also, remember that your pet cannot be used in place of the sculpted pattern without dire consequences! --Jimbob

Original plaster "Husky" sculpted by the artist. A rubber mold is made of this sculpture and a wax duplicate is poured from that mold.



Completed wax "Husky" ready for gating.



Wax "Husky" with completed gating system. The gating system will allow metal into and air out of the plaster investment mold. (Yikes! Looks like a scene from John Carpenter's movie "The Thing"! -- Jimbob)



Building the plaster investment mold which will completely cover the wax "Husky" and gating system. A firebrick kiln will be built around this mold. The kiln will be heated to 1000 degrees F and all of the wax will be eliminated from the mold.



Pouring the five hundred pounds of bronze at 2000 degrees F into the plaster investment mold. The bronze replaces the lost wax. The mold is allowed to cool for several days. The plaster when broken away, reveals the bronze "Husky".