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All images © E. Richard Bonham, 1999



Swords of the American Revolution

Material: steel, silver and ivory
Size: 5" to 7" in length
Method of Production: forging, fabrication and lost-wax casting
Date of Creation: 1976
Note: All swords have etched steel blades. These swords represent the major types of edged weapons used by both the Americans and British during the Revolutionary War.



"Wooden Ships and Iron Men"

(weapons of the American sailing navy during the war of 1812)
Material: steel, silver, ivory and live oak
Size: sword length 7"
Method of Production: forging, lost-wax casting, fabrication and etching.
Date of Creation: 1982
Notes: The weapons in this set consist of an eagle hilted sword and dirk, figure eight cutlass, boarding ax and a miniature scrimshawed whales tooth. The handle of the boarding ax is a piece of original wood from the U.S.S. Constitution.



"Black Watch"

Material: German silver, brass, bronze and copper
Size: Sword length 6" and all other items to scale
Method of production: Fabrication
Date of creation: 1999
Note: These Scots items are prototypes and pattern pieces created for Cotswold Collectibles Inc. They will be used with 12" historical figures.