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Officers Kit (French and Indian War)

Material: steel, silver, gold, rosewood, ivory and leather
Size: Pistol 4"
Method of Production: forging, lost-wax casting, etching and fabrication
Date of Creation: 1971
Notes: The barrel and lock of this pistol are fabricated of steel and are fully functional. The blades of both the sword and dirk are of etched steel. All loading tools function.





Cased Pair (miniature Colt navies with all accessories)

Material: silver, brass, ivory and resin
Size: Pistol length is 1 and 1/14 inches.
Method of Production: lost-wax casting, rubber mold casting and fabrication
Date of Creation: 1984
Notes: The cylinders revolve on these pistions, the grips are ivory and the bullet mold functions. The scale is 1" to 1'.