"May I see your licenses, Ma'am?"

05/21/97- Very rough starts on doing another B-Queen figure, with face & approximate pose shamelessly ripped off from at least two sources!!! Horrors! My protection will be the fact that I can't do an accurate enough representation of the face, and the pose is... well, we all pose y'know? Can't help it!

I've never brought this up before, but I own the patent on the bipedal lifeform and the only thing stopping me from serving cyst & disease orders on everyone is the fact that the lawyers can't write the letters fast enough. Bipedal lifeforms are multiplying like...bipedal lifeforms! (n.b.- It's okay to do beings with wheel or tread-based locomotion-- until my lawyers get a handle on the paperwork.)

05/23/97- Whoa! Getta loada dem pipes, man!

I know this is getting confusing... We've got Julie Strain & Olivia De Bernardinis here... Throw in a bunch of Giger pipes and a couple of S&M hooks from either Hellraiser or the Borg Queen... A few horny projections from whatever... whaddya got?

A licensing nightmare? An original, but derivative work? Oh Sam, It's all so complicated! I wish I'd never opened my eyes! Then my brain wouldn't be filled with everyone else's ideas!

Still... It's obvious that she's going to need some horns and mebbe some wings (and doglegs?). Is stealing from biblical sources a sin?

05/24/97- With wings & a tail? Naw. The tail stays, the wings go. The wings are easy to make though. You just make an armature, lay it on tissue and soak it with superglue. Obviously, you don't want to do this without laying down something-- like wax paper? These guys are too dimensionless for my tastes. If I were to do this again, I'd form the waxpaper into a sculpted pattern, either reinforced by tin foil or clay, and shape the tissue to it before putting on the superglue. For a final piece, they'd look pretty cool left as is, without covering them in clay. Of course, you'd have to something about the armature. Also, notice the bubbling on the clay coated one...I thought I'd cooked it at 200 degrees, but it looks like they were overbaked. They came out of the oven accompanied by the horrible toxic fumes of -- cyanide gas? Maybe the superglue does something to it or maybe it's the thinness of the clay...but WATCH OUT! Work outside! (yeah, right JB!)

05/25/97- Peeeee-yew! What a show-off! I'm trying out my more modern camcorder in a different location. It doesn't have all the manual overrides that the old one does. Nowadays, you have to pay extra to wrest some of the control back from technology. They've decided that we don't want to be bothered with thinking. I thumb my nose at them by affixing the close up lens with scotch tape. Anyway, as you can see, this sucker is small! All the little imperfections that are so apparent in this picture aren't really noticible to my nekked eyeballs. It still does need a bit of work, though.


05/26/97- Hmmmm. It's funny how a word can give you all kinds of ideas... Well, at least it helped me with the base! I decided to forego the usual feet in high heels in favor of an integrated base. I'm having difficulty capturing the look of melting clay, but that's what makes the job interesting.


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