These is the first casting I made of the hand... Generally they come out well since I cut little air escape vents at the fingernails. This does make the casting a messy proposition though... They lost a little detail in the knuckles, but the detail wasn't anything spectacular anyway.

I was trying to get three sets of hands and tail, but the stuff in the background shows how many failures it took for me to get there! The problem is that the tail collects bubbles right at the center. I've had better luck with a fast, messy pour-through that evacuates the majority of the air all at once through the tip of the tail...

I cast a few copies, hoping to work out a problem with air collecting under the chin and under the boobs. I poked holes through the mold at those problem spots, but evidently they're not big enough to motivate the resin to fill those cavities completely. Casting # 4 showed an improvement, but not enough of one. Then it dawned on me... why not just tip the mold and pour through a funnel? Wow. He's a freaking genius!

The revised base... after & before.


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