Action City's German Field Police
A review by Jimbob

On the Internet, visuals are everything. If I can't see a reasonably good picture of what a company produces, I'm not interested. That's one of the reasons I patronize Action City. I also like the unusual and visually appealing... and they produce some of the most interesting outfits of the second World War. Instead of just reproducing the efforts of others and producing a basic grunt or officer, they produce an SS camouflaged smock, a Wehrmacht Greatcoat, or in this case-- an SS Feldgendarmerie motorcyclist's outfit.

As you can see, this is one heck of a "visually appealing" outfit! The coat is primarily made of a lightweight fine-grained vinyl material to simulate the scale appearance and properties of the actual rubberized material. It works very well. The collar is made of wool, and a synthetic fabric is also used (mainly as backing) in the construction of the coat. It's expertly tailored using a complex pattern which duplicates the unique sleeve attachment, cuffs (with snaps), large hip pocket, rear waist belt, and the distinctive "cape" with pleat. The coat has metal buttons and dark green shoulder straps with orange Waffenfarbe. I'm not exactly sure why (since you can't see 'em), but you also get a very nice set of trousers! It's comforting to know they're there though...(grin) The boots are standard Cotswold jackboots-- you can't go wrong with those.

The centerpiece of this figure is the Gorget (the plaque which he's wearing around his neck). Designer Francis Tavares has done a great job of replicating this piece-- not an easy task, considering the tiny lettering of that looooong word, "Feldgendermerie". And he spelled it right, too! (Don't happens!).

Action City produced a lot of the gear in this set instead of relying on familiar Cotswold pieces. The helmet is an original sculpt, shorter than the Cotswold version and with the accurizing rivets and vent holes. It's a very nice fit on the average-sized head. (In this case, I'm using a head sculpted by Francis Tavares, with a cool neck-interlock design). I believe that Action City also produced the helmet's decals too-- they're very well done. The goggles are cast in a clear resin, with the center leather piece embedded, and an elastic strap attached to embedded metal fittings.

For me (as a modeler), the most impressive piece is the MP40 magazine pouch set. These are a conglomeration of cloth, resin, leather & steel-- and look outrageously cool! I hate to admit it, but my own resin versions look hopelessly boring in comparison.

The belt and buckle are also produced by Action City, and there's a slight uh... Taoist weirdness in the buckle if you look at it closely... (This is being corrected; a triumph of authenticity over "PC-ness".) The MP40 is much more detailed than the common Hasbro or Cotswold version (finally, a gun with a charging handle), and has a working folding stock! That's really cool! I know that it's difficult to produce articulation in resin castings, but this guy's got two-- the stock swivel, and the butt plate! Yow! The "Halt" baton (not shown here) is a resin casting with a color print of the sign glued to both sides. It could benefit from a coating of varnish to seal the print.

Here's what it looked like before I ripped the packaging apart. It's a very professionally packaged product, for what that's worth-- considering the brief time that it stayed that way!

For $100, this is a great value for a great-looking outfit. Check out Action City's web site at, or give them a call at 425-778-5279!

02/10/98-- Jimbob

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