Medicom's Alien
A review by Jimbob

It didn't take long for me to ferret out Medicom's Alien, after their Predator figure made a convert of me!

This is another entry in Medicom's Real Action Series of fully-articulated Combat Joe figures wearing rubber suits and specially cast heads. Much to my surprise, there are four versions of the Alien: the original black model, a glow-in-the-dark model, and maybe a transparent model? This is a recent release, called the "Big Chap Model" (kind of a goofy name, but English ain't their native language). The body and coverings are made of a smoky transparent material, and the top of the skull is molded in a glow-in-the dark vinyl, covered by a clear vinyl dome. Cool! In addition, the jaw is articulated and equipped with the infamous jawed "tongue". The tail is supplied as a separate harder vinyl piece which you fit over a nub on the rubber suit. It doesn't have a "bendie" wire, so it doesn't hold a shape: you could put one in easily, but I think it might look crappy.

Like the Predator figure, the hands are a hollow rubber casting, and are not articulated at the wrists. A set of articulated human hands is provided, but again--why? The feet are articulated though, and wear the rubber Alien "shoes".

My initial reservation about getting this clear figure was that the unglamorous inner stuff of Joes would show. This is true to some extent. The hinges at the elbows and knees show a shiny steel rivet. How do you paint "smoky clear"? But it doesn't look really bad. Likewise, light reflections off of details in the rubber skin work with the translucence to make the figure look "complex"-- similar to the effect in the creature Sil of Species. If you look closely, you can see the screws and structural moldings, however. I found this instructional, since it let me study how the Combat Joes are constructed without removing anything!

I found this guy on the 'Net at Kimono My House for $115. Not a bad price (Hey! It comes with an enamelled Alien badge!), and it sure beats dealing with the uncertainty and wait of ordering through Hobbylink Japan. I figured that the postage & long distance phone call would probably equalize the price difference, and I got this guy in three days! Nice friendly folks there, and they answer the phone with a friendly "Moshi, moshi". I let them pick which version of the Alien looked the coolest, and I'm not disappointed!

02/03/98-- Jimbob

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