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What is Jimbob-Wan's Image Depot? It's a monument to my monumental ego! It's a repository for images of my customized toy figures/dolls and sculptures. It's a photo collection of gags. It's a platform to rant, pass judgment, and ponder the meaning of life. It's entertainment, for me. I'm having a ball making these things, taking pictures and making up dumb text and captions.

What's in it for you? Maybe some inspiration, ideas, and entertainment. There's a lot of instructional-flavored stuff too, but don't be misled. This isn't intended to be an authoritative step-by-step "how-to" sourcebook. It's just a scrapbook of my journey down the learning path, with lots of mistakes & changes in direction. I don't go back to "fix" articles to accommodate changes in techniques from things I've learned. Whatcha see is whatcha get, and I'm as candid or as vague as I feel comfortable being.

I'd like to thank my wife for patiently tolerating all of this... the profusion of large chested women here, and the clutter, clatter, and dust that the process produces. She's as angelic and saintly as they come, and I'm incredibly lucky that our lives intersected those many years ago.

STRUCTURE OF THE WEBSITE  This is a huge website made up of thousands of photos and hundreds of pages of articles and galleries. Sometimes the material doesn't categorize neatly, but I've attempted to organize it into topically related sub-indices (sections), which have links to individual articles. The sub-index navigator runs across the top of each sub-index page (and on the bottom frame which loads when you enter the website "properly").

General Background Info -from the "Remarks" section, about my arts & crafts background and philosophy of learning...
The Figures, the Photos -the "What" of the web site...
The Why -okay, what's it really about?
A Gallery of Old Stuff -from the good old days...

The Doldrums
Dried Fish The nature of inspiration, or the lack of it...
Articulating an Idea Is this the one?

More Rants



From Eric G. Myer's Raving Toy Maniac

This man knows how to write reviews! Somebody-- offer him a high-paying job!

From Lord Vadur's Website, 3/20/97

I'd like to thank my director, Adam Casey, and the great bunch of guys and gals who work tirelessly behind the scenes... Your Christmas bonus will be... (badda boom)... a General P155!

From Adam Pawlus & Entertainment Earth, 8/6/97

Wow! I haven't done a Star Wars figure since April '97, and I won this? Hmmmmm... only got 4 stars out of 5, which makes this a B-grade site. Well, all I can say is you really gotta dig in to appreciate this baby. Anything else is like the blind men describing the elephant...dig?

From Scott Rogers' Boneyard, 9/15/97

Very cool graphic; I'm glad he likes the site! He makes custom figures too & does artwork-- as soon as I can figure out where his stuff moved to, I'll update his URL on my links page!

03/20/98- As you can see, I made the cover of go figure! magazine, April issue #4. Wait a minute...that's not me! My Borg implants are different. Anyway, my article's on the inside, on page     (the one right after page     ). How cool... a color glossy photo magazine! Wait till Mom sees this. So what if they got my URL wrong? Obviously, if you're reading this, that's not a problem, huh? Well, cuz I'm such a nice guy, I've set up the picture (which I stole from their web site) to take you there when you click on it . As for the article, you'll have to buy the magazine (do it for Jeri's kids). Maybe someday I'll build up the courage to read it and tell you about it...

Great! Now I can sit back and live off the fat drippings of my bloated ego!

05/00- They appear to be defunct now and the statute of limitations is prolly up, so clicking on the pic takes you to a scan of the article. I spent nearly $50 in film & processing (yah, I overdid it) plus a lot of time and they didn't even send me a bleepin' complimentary copy of the magazine? Sheesh, no wonder I hate dealing with bizness people! I've been screwed in every biz-esque thing that other people have cajoled me into! Ya basta! Damned Ferrengi...

From Moff Peter's Dominion, 07/20/98

Here we are more than halfway through 1998 and this is my first & only award all this year? (sniff, sniff...) I've visited web sites that have 50 or 60 awards, and all they've got is a stinkin' links page... Well, that's it! From now on, I'm not going to waste my time making all this junk and devote it to collecting awards! Yeah, 11 megs of awards! ;^)

Thanks to da Moff-man; Now y'all go and check out his great Star Wars customs site!


From "Creativity - An Instructional Resource" website, 05/30/00

After going for more than 2 years without an award, this one came out of the blue for an old Polymer Clay article somewhere within this website. The Creativity website is a cool idea; a directory of websites with free instructional content. Gee... fellow boneheads like me who squander time and money to not make money? Prolly former hippies. Not me though. Since writing that article I now squander my time and money writing articles which exhort people to pull themselves up by their jockstraps (or thongs). Ouch.

Now that's Entertainment!


(The last guitar which was stolen; I still haven't figured out how to change the strings on its replacement, the fancy-schmantzy Fender Ultra whatchamacaster.)

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