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I've always wanted to do a thumbnail index to the figure projects because my text descriptions don't quickly tell you which projects have BREASTS. But having a zillion thumbnails on a page takes soooo freaking long to load. There's really no solution for this, but there's no reason you can't experience the slowness both ways! If you want the faster loading but slower-to-parse text links, go to one of the indices across the top. This collection is a sampling from the GI-JOE and MEDIEVAL indices.



Before Blasters, Phasers and Psionic Powers, they had to do things the old-fashioned way: Magic


Demon Monkey Goddess- A Frazetta-esque creature, recreating the sculpture in the PG-Rated index. Warning: nekkid boobs!!! Primal Man- DMG's brutish minion
Darkwolf "No Guts, No Glory" - A hero type, styled after Frazetta's from the animation Fire and Ice Alor of the Littlecups "Little Sister" - A Frazetta-style heroine type
Demon Lord A guy with horns and cloven hooves... (what else?) Little Brother Little Annie Skywalker, stripped and stuffed into fur
Minx She wears armor and thin strips of leather, so she's barely dressed for just about any occasion. Lilith- A Coop-ish cheesecake demoness crammed into a snakeskin bra and thigh-high boots. Horned babes have all the fun.
Bull They don't call him "Bull" because he's got horns (because he doesn't)... Livia- A lusty, busty & big-legged demoness. Warning: Minimally costumed (aka "nekkid")
Artie Every big-legged demon sorceress needs skeleton warriors with articulated fingers; from educational toy to geekish play toy Generic Fantasy Warrior- A quasi Greek/Roman guy, initially inspired by an "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" miniature
Minerva- A quasi Greek/Roman gal, wearing lots of decorative armor Interview With A Demon Slayer It's Lindsey, the former Beach Babe, done up in stylish metal fashion
Out of Doors- Filler pics. Probably the first & last time you'll ever see these figures posed in a natural setting Merlin- Excalibur version; a headsculpt & some accessories
Queen Dragon Momma- Fantasy Amazon sorceress Dracula Armour- A garage kit conversion
Dark Knight- an Excalibur-esque creation King Arthur- from Excalibur



Modernish, contemporary world stuff. Splitting the atom gave us the secret to silicone breast implants.


More Bondage-- James Bond #5, along with his bags & briefcases full of tricks. Odd Factoid--Colonel Ourumov, from Goldeneye.
The Spy Who Ate My Shorts--Loosely inspired by the James Bond flick, Goldeneye. Barbra Underwire, Revisited--Black leather, high heels, & a pistol-- yep, good wholesome fun. (- R.I.P., 2001-)
Wet Gal--"Kit bashing" from a 21st Century Toys/Hasbro SEAL outfit. Voodoo Gal-- Another female conversion, using an African-American chunk of plastic.
Babes With Big 'Uns-- Kitbashing sci-fi guns...yeah, right...    
Mall Babe-- Part 2 of "Naked Female Dolls"; an attempt to create a very scantily-clad figure, with major body work. Sci-fi? Fantasy? Here's Lindsey-- With models, it's hard to tell what's natural and what's silicone-inflated. PG-rated, sort of...
Beach Queen/Gretchen Gazongas-- Part 2 of "Masterpiece Edition Dragon"; a really BUF babe who became an exotic dancer. PG-rated, fo' sho'. Hubba, hubba... Eva-- The head sculpting project which spanned the Millennia, and eventually turned into fishnet hose & heels wearing Evabeth...
Cassandra-- As Ms. Ellie, Ms. Lara Croft and Ms. Patton. Doctor Ben Wa-- Not really a "homemade character"--Despite the suggestive title, this one's about sewing



In addition to flying cars, the future will bring us swords, shotguns and filthy spaceships.


Colonial Marine-- Outfit from the movie "Aliens". 3-part project with construction commentary & gallery. Susan-- An approximation of the heroine of a popular movie quatrology (huh?)
Fun With Jane - Hasbro's GI Jane in a spacey-looking Titanium corset. Guyver Zoanoid-- GI Joe wearing a Garage kit. Monster designed by The Master, Steve Wang.
Teaser-- A "Species/Sil"-like female monster Joe conversion, wearing a latex suit. 3-part project with construction commentary & gallery. Ultraseven-- A Japanese alien & monster-fighting superhero from a TV series made in the sixties. Also includes his human alter-ego, Moroboshi Dan.
Maria 2K Robot-- Inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis robot; a 5-part, design-as-you-go project. FAK-Q-- Yet another female conversion, but this one's sci-fi & tuff-as-nails with an attitude. A head-sculpting & costuming article.
Real Doll 2020 - Just-A-Bot with a female form. How much plastic can you shave from a toy before it becomes a broken toy?    


A long time ago, before SEX, DRUGS, ROCK 'N' ROLL & SPIES, WWII happened. Since then, a vastly improved WWII happened, and it's available by mail-order from Dragon Models Limited.


D-Day Dudes-- Late war German uniforms & stuff. Projects 01-- Action City's SS Smock, Machinegunner, 1940 Infantryman, Panzer jacket, SS Smock.
Rommel-- Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox. German Fashion-- SA member, German officers' coats & a heavy-handed essay. .
Projects 02-- Panzerschreck, Greatcoat & Mauser holster, PPSh-41 drum pouch . German Fashion Accessories-- Medals, buckle, water flask, officer's cap, shoulderboards, mess kit, dagger,
More German Fashion Accessories-- Helmet, map case, flashlight, magazine pouches Dragon's 1st Infantry "Dirty Dave"-- A 4-part article with ideas about weathering, dyeing, patch making, accessories, and scratch-built leggings.