Well, maybe they aren't so new... Some of the photos are new, at least! It's been a long time since I've made any 3.75" figures, and that's because I'm really having a great time working on the 12" ones: Also, the historical subject matter is currently holding my interest. These guys are neat too. Unfortunately, the whole Star Wars thing has become such an ugly merchandising beast that I'm afraid it's lost quite a bit of its attraction. Rather, if I were to delve into this scale again, I would most likely produce original stuff, or stuff more off the well-beaten path.

So, here are some more gags-- irreverent and bawdy as always... A hastily slapped together anniversary tribute to where this web site began a year ago... Jimbob, 12/30/97

From the Emperor's scrapbook:

A rare photo from the Emperor's scrapbook, documenting the fabled "Tailhook" awards assembly. Everybody had a real good time.

Carrie, delirious from the stresses of Xanax withdrawal (and the tightness of her head-buns), snarls at the puzzled production crew, "@#$%#@!!!! One step closer and the @#$%@! droid gets it! %@!&!!!".


A special Ewok infiltration droid series, nicknamed "Terminator"... (Heck, they were pretty dense, y'know?)

Han's Dark Secret:

"Search your feelings, Han... You know this to be true: I am your father. And since 'Cheeks' over dere is my shack-up buddy, that sorta makes him your step-mother. Don't you just love surprises?"

Yoda cries "Uncle"!

Even Yoda's mighty tyvex-reinforced Gimmerstick is no match for the awesome Kung-Fu Grip of the silicone-enhanced Sith Queen!


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