Ms. Claws want to know if you've been naughty or nice.

Sorry...Whether you want her to be naughty or nice.

Or whether you want her to be nice and naughty.

Heh, heh, heh. Merry Christmas.

(Dang! I forgot to make the whip!)

Bambi Blue: Throughout my nymphood, I was just an ordinary demon babe. Then "WHAM!" -- all of a sudden, I developed... Demon dudes I'd known for years started looking at me kinda strange-like. It was pretty easy to see what was going on behind their pasty eyes! At first I didn't mind the attention. But then I noticed that my babe-fiends began to resent and avoid me. Demonfolk started treating me like a bimbo. Quite frankly, I' ve gotten just a little bit tired of everyone judging me by the size of my horns. It's just the way I was hatched.

Hazel: We were mid-way through the week, celebrating the success of The Hunt, when the Grog keg ran dry! The festive mood suddenly turned ugly. I could see that there was going to be trouble: We huntress babes are naturally rowdy, but with a three-day Grog buzz--watch out! During the ensuing brawl, I hurled Unctuous against the offending keg and noticed that the resultant timbre of his impact was unlike that of a empty keg. Could it be? I reached up the egress cervic and removed the stubborn clog. Once again, Grog flowed like wine. Bottoms up, gals! (The domestics were given a brutal tongue-lashing to ensure their future attention to cleanliness.)

Lady Death! Thank you Mssrs. Pulido & Hughes of Chaos! Comics. They printed my photo in "Evil Ernie- Straight To Hell #2".

More rubber suit explorations, with the added attraction of "Flabbercast". I think Mattel would call these "Action Boobs". But wait, there's more: 2 attachable facial expressions, showing evil/sly and evil/pissed off.

This is the evil/sly one.

Guyvers X & XI?

Max Factory made the incredible vinyls, and I just glued castings over some articulated Spiderman figures. And in keeping with the spirit of this page, I gave one of 'em boobs (The female one.)

The beefy Zoanoid with the unusual clams is my first attempt to cast a rubber suit from a clay sculpture. The toy armature was a little wimpy, so it doesn't hold poses very well. Maybe I cast the skin a little too thick?

In the background: Max Factory's Guyver series Zoanoid vinyl kits (Hey! They're pre-painted).

"Sil" from Species, designed by H.R. Giger. This resin garage kit was sculpted by Toshi Usui, and is distributed by Horizon. It was purchased and constructed by me, which explains why it's here.

I think it's okay to show these boobs because they're not attached to a human.


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