03/09/97- If you've been obsessed with the Star Wars phenomenon, you'll know that this is one of the most reviled toys ever created by Kenner (to date). It happens to have a ready-made action feature which can be put to good use. What I'm trying to create here is the defective droid in ANH that inspires the line "This R2 unit's got a bad motivator!" In the movie, something flies off of the droid's head, and a post pokes out the top, accompanied by some smoke & sound effects.

Appropriately enough, I've been rather unmotivated by this project, so I don't have very many blow-by-blow pictures. From this picture, you can see that I've cut off his two leg-mounted cannons, and his original head. I've cast a head from the "vintage" droid version, because it seemed to have a more accurate shape. As you can see, I've cut one of the "skylights" out, and made a pop-off panel. The projectile was clipped and screwed to a model plane's wheel half, to act as a platform so that the "motivator" (?) could be positioned in the rear quadrant. Also, the split-apart feature of the toy was converted to simple pull down inspection panels.

At this stage, the only things left to do are figure out how to lock down the head so that it can be removed (in case the skylight panel falls inside), paint it and add superficial detailing. Unfortunately, the head won't be able to turn. Another problem is the fact that the small non-descript skylight panel really does fly away. If you're not watching as it happens, this piece is destined to get lost.


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