2/15/97- I have selected a multi-jointed Spiderman for this project because of its size. It has lots of articulation in unusual places-- the ankles, the wrists, and the upper torso. This will be a fur-covered figure, so none of the articulation joints will show. You couldn't ask for a more perfect situation!

They left out some very important articulation, so I'll put in my own. With a hobby saw, I cut the upper arm apart...

...drill pilot holes, about an eighth of an inch deep. Next I screw in an eyelet, and lop the eyelet off with diagonal clippers.

Screw the parts back together until you get a nice fit. This plastic is really soft, so the pieces come together nicely. Notice, the biceps do not line up really well because their cross-section is asymmetric. For this project, it really doesn't matter. Do the same thing for the forearms and shins. I think this gives you a total of 25 points of articulation. I've left out the neck pivot because it's a lot of trouble to make. I'll be satisfied if Chewie can just wag his head side to side.

The figure has to be taken apart to fix its bow-leggedness. This is very similar in construction to a 12" GI-Joe: The legs are held in tension by a rubber band which connects to a hook on the head. To disassemble it, you lift out the head and unhook the rubber band.

In the center is the Dremel bit I used to carve out the hip's leg sockets (lower right). This lets the legs close tighter.

To reassemble the figure, I've made a "puller hook" from a jumbo paper clip. It helps you pull the tension band back through the torso's head hole so you can hook the head back on.

There's no point in reassembling it with the original rubber band. It will stretch out as it weakens with age, and eventually break. The figure will be considerably more difficult to repair after it has been fully converted.

Whoosh! With this epoxy putty's ten-minute cure time, you've gotta work fast! Luckily, this is an easy sculpt. It's just a matter of guessing what a bald Wookiee looks like and visualizing what your sculpt is going to look like with the fur on. I didn't go to a whole lot of trouble here because I figured that the fur would fill out the missing parts.

A few other things to putty over... I got rid of Spidey's "Hook 'em Horns" gesture and put toes over his shoes. These parts will be painted with flat black primer.

The bald, albino Wookiee in a pantyhose sweatsuit. This is the same concept used for the Stormtrooper figure, but using fur instead of armor. With the pantyhose contact cemented to the body at only a few spots, the fur will ride naturally over the body, especially for torso twists.

You could just glue the fur to the body, but this is much cooler.

I couldn't find a very good texture or color match for the fur, so I used a cheapo plastic fur. It doesn't "group" the way Chewie's fur does, but it will have to do. This is a messy job. The fur is applied with contact cement, starting at the bottom. The biggest challenge is keeping your fingers from becoming fur balls.

I don't know, Chewie... It looks like some kind of lost art of the government..."


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