2/8/97- What is this...thing??? I'm really going out on a limb here. It's far too early for me to tell whether this is something that I'll be too embarrassed to own up to later. Everyone knows that Chewbacca is one of the most difficult figures to render in Super Sculpey. (9 am) Well, my wife made a lucky guess about who this is supposed to be, so I feel reassured now. It's a shame that Kenner has never done an accurate representation of Lando Calrissian.

2/8/97- (2 pm) After some overall body work-- lengthening the shins and arms, repositioning the arms-- he's still too short. The torso will have to be lengthened, and the tensioning rubber band replaced with a spring. The torso is also too broad-shouldered, the thighs too fat, etc. This gets fixed during the part I hate most-- the dremel grinding phase.

Kenner Star Wars figures are inaccurately scaled, so I created a scale ruler based on a height average of GI-Joe figures. Just by chance, my other main characters checked in at about the correct scale height. Luke was a bit short, but Leia was right on at 5'. This type of accuracy is not something I normally care about, but was important for this particular group of characters. They share a lot of screen time together.

2/12/97- Finally got around to working on it again. I'm a little disappointed with the paint job on his face, especially the eyes. By sculpting the eyes on (vs leaving the area smooth), you really restrict your freedom to paint them until they look "right". If they're too high or too close together, tough luck. In this case, I think they're too big, but the undereye ridge is where it is and interferes with efforts to paint-correct the problem. Although you can't see them, I've made the trousers' blood stripes by painting strips of vinyl and glueing them on. I've still got to make his belts, holster and gizmos, redo the vest w/pockets. I need to look at some reference photos showing his backside before working on the belts. Unfortunately, the POTF2 gun is too large, and the original line's gun is too small...but I think I'll live with that slight problem.

2/13/97- The main change here is the addition of the belts & holster. I chose the original series' blaster, because it would fit into a reasonably sized holster. From photos of the movie props, it looks like Han's belt carried a CO2 cartridge and maybe a telescope lens. I wonder what he used these for?

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