What do you mean, "This is not a Macintosh diskette?" No, I don't want to erase it! Give it back, pipsqueak!

Arrgh... Has ANYONE got a paperclip?

The Strict Imperial Dress Code:

Lord Vader will deal with you and your unauthorized body adornments, droid scum.

(Apologies to the Power Rangers)

BT16? Wooooooo! What the heck is this? Y'know, it'd be real nice if they'd just spend those credits developing some blaster-proof armor. But, noooo. That would make too much sense.

Wait till the guys hear about this!

A New Hope's missing scene showing Luke's recurring dream while living at the Lars homestead. It is clear from the symbology of this dream that he felt threatened by the monstrous Owen Lars.

It is interesting that he "foresaw" the acquisition of his father's lightsabre.

Wait a minute...that isn't Sticket!'s that guy that tried to kill the Energizer bunny!


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