WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? Alan Moore gets the lion's share of the blame for creating Celestine, but Rob Liefeld may be the one actually responsible for the innovative "band-aid on balloons" beachwear. Me? I merely chronicled the event, due to it's significant impact on the world of fashion design.

(Don't drag poor Goji into this...he just likes to watch.)

Verotik/Frazetta's Jungle God and X'Alpen playing "tag, yer it!" Posing this photo was particularly challenging because of the she-goddess's immodest "costume". (She's not the kind of gal you'd want to take home to meet momma).

Verotik's next chapter in this saga is due out whenever the hell they feel like it, and you've gotta be 18 or older to buy it.

Another challenging photo setup, consuming about thirty minutes. You see enough here to figure out what the beastess was made out of. What you don't see are her insect legs, her lobster abdomen, her detachable head (with gory stump-oh boy!), her lovely mottled skin plus a couple of other things...

It's just one of those sacrifices you have to make when you straddle the fence between the offensive and the depraved.

Our next contestant in the Zaftigian Beauty Pageant is Ms. Letha! She enjoys cooking, sewing, and quiet walks in the woods. Usually at midnight, with her shish-kabab jewelry. She'd make a lovely wife for that lucky Mr. Right!

Isn't she wunnerful ?


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