You called me "Carrie", you idiot!

Did not!

Did so!

Did not!

Did so!

George, could you get Her Highness a Xanax?

Orders from the Chief: Yes sir. I understand sir. That's two extra large Harkonnen Specials, extra cheese with triple meat on whole wheat. One Tsarina's Salad, the works, with lard dressing. A large order of fries, two large chocolate milkshakes. Anything else, sir?

Don't forget the mints this time.

Long sabre, short sabre...bah! A Jedi cares not of such things.

But an uncircumcized protocol droid, in mint condition...

Meeting of the Masks: "Rip the head off the Android" is a popular diversion at gatherings like this, and never fails to elicit a guffaw or two.

"Fronds good! Fronds very pretty. But no eat fronds. Eat food!"

Some of the indigenous wildlife is friendly enough, although communication can be a problem.

Leia & Akbar (or is that his distant relative Hackbar?) relive the glory of the New Republic's triumph.


For the third time in the last hour, Leia suffers through the saga of "the one that got away." Uhhhhhhh...

No, not every black in the Star Wars universe is Lando Calrissian!


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