The ladies discuss a minor artistic difference regarding the choreography of their new dance number. Jabba drools with glee in anticipation of yet another titillating catfight.

At the Copa...

left: Yo, mon...gif it 'ere. I doan wannit after Long Snot dere does his "ting" wit it!

right: Rhodians are well known for the subtleties of their courtship ritual.

Stevie Ray Gunn wrings the notes from his '61 Fender Solarblaster (with a whammy bar) in his extended version of "Free Mynock", a perennial favorite.

Friggin' Dan has not been himself since his unfortunate incident with the attack droid. All that remains of his repertoire is a less-than-inspired vocal rendition of "Feelings".

Two to Tango: A young Morseerian and his Saurin friend make an attractive couple on the dance floor.

One of the Tonnika sisters (The other one hasn't been born yet). They've been called twins, but they really look quite different in all the pictures I've seen. Sure, their hairdos and outfits look the same, but I'm fairly certain that those traits were not genetically acquired. Their facial features are different. That could be explained by the "Hammertong" story, but I think not. We should consider the possibility that one of them is an orphan, probably Owen Lars' illegitimate daughter by his affair with Aunt Beru's younger sister during his three-month long binge at Anchorhead.

Or maybe not.


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