Festive Coruscant, during the peak of the holiday season. An off-duty naval officer and his fiancee enjoy their leisurely stroll through the opulence of the corporate sector. A perfect setting for romance!

The Emperor's Catalogue of Visions, entry 030197

Naturally, we are pleased that you have joined us, my son...and we understand your need to assert your individuality. We just wish you had chosen your prosthetics...more thoughtfully.

Notes to self: Avoid Burritos with Chipotle sauce. Crush rebellion. Install cloaking device in robe. Maim Vader.


Emperor executes designer and smart aleck kid following disastrous galactic holocast.

(previously) You would be unwise to place your faith in Green Bay. They will be crushed, and your pitiful rebellion along with them. I have foreseen this.

Did I not command you to break Favre's kneecaps? Was that too much to ask of the mighty Sith Lord? Bah! You are nothing but a second-rate Tonya Vader!

Well, crying about it won't help. Here...Let me give you a hand.

On second thought, I'll give it to you when I return from Vegas. I seem to have misplaced my lucky rabbit foot.

Arrival of a very special visitor. Vader seethes.

...So this is how you repay my loyalty?...All those years in your service...All those limbs... To be cast aside like yesterday's plaything?...Beware...

Someday you may find yourself at the far end of a very long shaft...

Palpatine (in ceremonial pajamas) and Vader go for a midnight snack.

Back at the Genlab, things are really heating up in preparation for the upcoming "Exotic Creations" competition.

Baby Seals: The bumper sticker reveals the depth of Darth Vader's depraved malignance.


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