"The binders are too tight! You're walking too fast! I'm hungry! It's too cold!" Whine, whine, whine. These bratty rebel scum, always complaining-- like the whole universe revolves around them. Me, I'm sick of this job...being the bad guy and always wearing black. The stupid helmet that weighs a ton. I wish I were back on Coruscant, strolling down a boulevard, snuggling up to my baby...ummm.

If Leia had only used her noggin...


You see, Lord Vader? She can be reasonable.

Set course for the Coruscant system.

Tarkin, Vader & Motti, engaged in a lively discussion regarding the merits of technology versus spirituality.

Motti inspects the latest prototypes of the Attack Droid ICG-03b.

Why are you wearing this ...costume?


Why...that odor...

sniff, sniff

It's an aroma I haven't smelled since...!


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