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Time: Saturday, July 29, 2000 , 5:52:07 PM (PT) -
Replay 4 - links... - On: 7/14/00 1:47:35 AM
Posted By:
Sean Vandehey - Email:
Hey JimBob. I'll admit I was somewhat glad you're planned turnover to CGI stuff didn't pan out: that'd have meant no new toy articles! Still, that's just the part of me that enjoys reading about your work talking. Anyways, I've finally gotten off my arse and gotten a site. There's not much there yet, but I'm working on it. I need to ask ya, I've got a couple articles I'm planning, and I want to have links to a couple of articles on your page(specifically, your reviews of the Winona and Volks model figs, and you're old 'cartoons' w/the uberposable little Star Wars figs). I've got a link to your site on the main page: if I give direct links to the articles, clearly labeled so people know they're not part of my site(and that any offensive content is therefore not my problem), would that be cool? Or would you prefer something else? I'd email ya, but I lost your addy. Thanks in advance, keep up the good work! You're an inspiration to us all...

Congratulations on your website, Sean! (You've just taken the first step into frittering away a large part of your life! ;^) Feel free to link to specific content, as long as it serves some illustrative purpose within your site. I had to qualify that one when I realized that someone could interpret that as meaning that it would be okay to build their own website around all the images here and call it "Timbob-Wan's"... Be sure to get a digital camera, since folks are gonna wanna see your stuff. In fact, get two and send me one! ;^)

Replay 3 - Weird thoughts... - On: 7/13/00 8:53:36 AM
Posted By:
Randy Riker - Email:
Jim, Was looking at the "Baroness" illustration on the Joe World webpage, and had a snarly thought- a Baroness figure would be excellent! I was wondering, though, if you've ever experimented with rubberized paint? You know, the stuff you dip tool handles in to improve grip, and mark them for ID purposes? I think the stuff might be excellent for skintight outfits (i.e. Catwoman's catsuit, Baroness's very sexy assault suit, leather gear, etc.) The nice thing about this is that once it dries, you can cut it with a razor knife to the shape you need. There's a coupla brands out there, but the one I know is called "Plasti-Dip" or "Plasti-Kote," and it comes in different colors. You could probably dip one of your creations in it, minus hands, feet and head, and Presto!- instant Catwoman, or whoever you want! Just cut off the excess paint covering wrist and foot holes, and reattach the feet and hands, and mount your custom head on it! What are your thoughts on this?

Randy, it sounds sort of like something a guy did (don't remember who, saw it at the Sandbox)to make a Captain America mask, only he used the latex which they sell in the S&M sex shops (a required field trip for serious research). It does seem more "manly" to get the plasticote from a hardware store though, LOL. I've never bought any, but I think the coating you described would be a lot more durable and long lasting than latex. The main thing to consider is how soft and flexible you can get it. If it's like some vinyl handles I've peeled away, you're liable to end up with a plastic coated statue! There are extremely flexible urethanes which can be used as a dipping medium. Some of the issues of dealing with "joint pucker" I mentioned in the "Skinned Figure" article. With dipping, you do have the problem of getting an even, thin coating. A lot depends on the properties of the material, and how you can alter it. Some materials will be very thick and leave runs; if you can thin it, you can gradually build up the thickness more evenly, even though the stuff will end up thickest where gravity takes it. Nevertheless, it sounds like a fun material to play around with and find out! Usually, you can find some use for just about anything. It's really satisfying if you come up with something completely off-the-wall that no one else has thought of!

Replay 2 - G-4 Option Zero - On: 7/12/00 9:25:43 PM
Posted By:
Johnny Sokko
Hi, Jimbob. First, let me say that your site's the cat's pajamas and partly the reason why I began throwing away my cash on dolls. The main reason that I'm leaving this note is to drop a little science on you about the movie you received with your Cyber-Hobby exclusive Mikey Chan. If it came on two discs, it's probably on Video CDs and not DVDs. It's common to find VCDs with Mandarin coming from one speaker and Cantonese coming out of the other. I think that's due to the limitations of the medium. Okay, that's all I had to say. I hope you found it interesting, but somebody's probably beaten me to the punch on this.

Thanks Giant Robo... er... Johnny! Sorry to have inspired this sickness in you; there are times when I think that this hobby has become mainly about the "shop till you drop" syndrome.

Thanks for the info about the difference between Video CD and DVD. I was wondering why the "Preferences" in my player didn't offer the usual options. And the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese is interesting-- they both sounded like Chinese, but I doubt if I'd be able to tell the two apart! Maybe people think that about the Texan draaaawwwl too?

Replay 1 - The New Guestbook - On: 7/10/00 4:21:05 PM
Posted By:
It's time to try out a new guestbook... The last one suffered massive brain damage after being disconnected from the server from a few days. I don't know what you're supposed to do when that happens so I dropped it off in the middle of a cow pasture. Last I saw, it was asking the occupants for their user names and passwords.Weird...

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