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Time: 2000-06-28 14:33:53
Guest: Ann
Date: 28-Jun-00 02:39 PM
Hey Jimbob -- Thanks for showing your dismantled and reconstructed Anakin. He's turning up on deep clearance ($1-$2) in some places, well worth stocking up on despite his many annoying features. If you're still in need of reference for children and how they're constructed, I suggest checking out books on figure drawing. There are a ton of 'em out there that show how the little rugrats are proportioned at different ages, and won't make you feel like a total perv at the checkout counter. Probably.

Time: 2000-06-22 19:43:31
Guest: Wes
Date: 22-Jun-00 07:43 PM
Sir, As ususal,I am agog at the plethora of lovlies and variety of items of interest contained in your repository. Do you ever see the light of the sun? I sincerely doubt it given the vast array of projects undertaken,truly awe-inspiring. Thanks for a fun time and the lurid exposure of plastic bosoms as well,a combination that's hard to beat! Now,congratulatory comments outta the way:where's your article on making boots?!?!?!? I know I've seen it,but I sure can't find it this time through?!?!? Seeya! Wes
As a matter of fact, I saw pictures of sunlight on TV last night... (actually, I'm surprised that you didn't comment that I've been slacking off lately, cuz it's the truth!) I think the thing you're looking for is called "Mass Quantities", but it's not terribly informative. The biiig question is most likely, "What's the secret ingredient?" I'm sworn not to tell, but mainly, I don't want to be a "spoiler" for folks who've carved out a special Joe-world niche. Same for clothing patterns and detailed do-it-yourself flocking instructions (should I ever find a need for it). It's my way of respecting the time and money that these folks have invested. It's purely a judgement call though; I see graphics as a no-brainer public domain kind of thing.

Some of that attitude has rubbed off on the stuff I make, even though I don't sell nuttin'. I used to be more open about sharing detailed information; I now try to point people in the general direction and leave it up to them to figure out the particulars. It's actually good for you, since you have to stretch the gray matter to grow, eh? Still, I struggle with this question a lot and felt compelled to bring it up here, from out of nowhere.

For boots though, think semi-rigid plastic. They have to be thin cast, which means rotation casting. Unless you want to be twirling a mold for hours, thing quick curing. The rest (and the hardest part) is technique-- so that you can make 'em with room for the toes and not so thin that they tear. Is that vague enough? ;^)

Time: 2000-06-22 15:43:53
Guest: Clif Liu
Date: 22-Jun-00 03:37 PM
Thanks for your information about hair. Keep up the awesome work. You're doing us a big service: you make incredible figures and then you write in-depth commentary about them and the action figure industry. Okay, enough sucking up. I have a question: what kind of wires do they use for the bendies? It's very stiff and it seems to be able to take many bends before it breaks. It's pretty heavy stuff too. Do you know? I was told by the someone in fx to use aluminum armature wire. I don't think that's what the toys are made from.
(Mac, eh?) Thanks for the sucking up. Since I don't get any financial incentives for this site, I have to pay for the sucking up. Pathetic, huh? Ohhh sorrrrry! Armature wire. It's a fairly thick (eyeballed from memory: 6mm/.25"?) aluminum wire, which you can probably find in a hardware store. It's pretty stiff stuff and to get tight bends, you'd probably want to use pliers on it. It's wired together like the pics I pointed you at (below) and commonly used with aluminum foil when making garage kit sculptures out of Sculpey. (End of spouting of useless facts.)

The diameter of the wire used in a "bendie" depends on how big the figure is. The intuitive equation: The wire should be stiff enough (thick enough) to hold the solid mass of flexible material of a particular hardness/flexibility in position. The hardness of the material is important because you don't want the wire to tear through it when you bend the armature. A thicker armature has more surface area than a thin one, so that would reduce the tearing problem-- but would be harder to shape, too. Another possible complication to consider for the long-term: most metals corrode, and that might cause some staining of the material. (On the other hand, you might be an old man before that happens.) All this just points out that whatever you do is going to require some experimentation, with some failure and success along the way. I think the title of "The Gumby King" has a nice ring to it, and it's worth fighting for... Let the race begin!

Time: 2000-06-20 12:32:23
Guest: Randy Riker
Date: 20-Jun-00 12:25 PM
Yo, Qui-Gon Jim! Once again, you bring sculptured T&A to a new high! (Firm and high,that is!) Love the Lindsay figure! Was reading your remarks about her, regarding accessories, and had a thought after looking at her. Try this: Bleach a 21st Century toys WWII web belt, so that it's an off-white color. Add a diver knife and sheath to one side, and drape it around her hips, with the sheath riding low on the right side, and the belt riding higher on her left hip. Add a diver mask, fins and snorkel. Result? The Ursula Andress/Dr. No look! It would probably look great with your Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan figures, and she'd make a great Bond Girl adversary for your Goldeneye/Xenia Onatopp figure! As always: should you decide to accept this mission, your spouse will disavow all knowledge of your actions. This message will self-destruct in ten seconds. Good luck, Jim...
LOL! Would that be Honey Wilder? Or Plenty O'Tool? (Naaaa, I know who Plenty is.) Ursula Andress is stunning (and in another flick called "She"). Actually, all the Bond gals are mighty fine... I'm gonna have to do justice to Famke Onatopp someday; also, Barbra Carrera in the third party "Never Say Never Again" was pretty outrageous. Of course, doing these uhhhhh...less than mainstream "personalities" is entertaining too (especially the research part =^)!

Time: 2000-06-10 14:50:51
Guest: Clif
Date: 10-Jun-00 02:56 PM
Thanks for your work! It's was very interesting to read about skinned figures. Looks like a lot of work... Anyway, in case you weren't aware, there's a figure called Selena Amor Prohibido available from Small Blue Planet. She's got a vintage joe body and looks pretty good. I put a barbie head on her because I can't sculpt the head. If you haven't, I recommend you take a look: Do you have an article about making wigs?
(Sorry to be catty, but I stopped patronizing SBP after the shock of their "handling fee". But heck, it's their business...) Since it's pretty difficult to search for stuff at SBP, I found the Selena doll at Source Tribute, which appears to be a more authentic Tejano site (and that's important!). I'm intrigued, but should probably put a dent in my heap 'o figures before adding to it. An article about wigs would be awfully short, since I just glue the hair on-- start at the bottom and work your way up. Nothing very impressive, I'm afraid...

Time: 2000-06-10 14:14:23
Guest: hoohha
Date: 10-Jun-00 02:10 PM
jimbob, thank you for your detailed explanation to my query about the silicone figures, you are a gentleman and a scholar! now my next question......where can i see the takara cool girls or matilda that you mentioned? not that i'm into "dolls" (ahem) but what can be done for them can be done for more mature and grown up things like action figures. thanks again oh great one.

Thanks & yer welcome! Pics of the Matilda figure from Toy Fair 2000 are at Small Blue Planet's website. The Cool Girl pics are at Takara's website. These will probably be out later this year, and the Cool Girl will probably be more difficult to find, as the imported stuff usually is.

Time: 2000-06-01 14:07:12
Guest: hoohha
Date: 01-Jun-00 02:04 PM
Dear Jimbo-wan, clicking around i found this site : he makes his own fully jointed silicone bodies, no visible joints or seams! the possibilities for this are limitless, although there are a few pics of the process,i still have lots of questions...i figured if anyone could help me find out more it would be you! please help! i bow to your wisdom.

Time: 2000-05-07 14:23:38
Guest: Gregory Bevington
Date: 07-May-00 02:20 PM
Jimbob, Just read your article on 21sts new Super Soldier body. I just picked up the Market Garden figure and was formulating my own opinion. My main gripe is the proportions: Legs too long, forearms too long. Hands still too big and ugly. I always keep my figures clothed, so no problem with ugly joints. Ultimately I'm glad to have it, it is an improvement over the crap CC body. Currently, my favorite factory-made figure is Ertle's Top Jake/Cop. Proportions are excellent: Head to body to hands to feet. The hands are the most natural looking, no matter what pose. The head has a great, versatile sculpt. Has anybody flocked one yet? As a clothed figure, He almost looks real. I have been avidly reading (yes, I READ your articles) your site for about two years now. I am consistently delighted with the quality of CONTENT you choose to post. I know it's hard work and I'm glad you're willing to do it. I Kiss You!!! Gregory

Time: 2000-05-06 22:36:56
Guest: Greg Harris
Date: 06-May-00 10:36 PM
I've been reading your site for years now and have to say it's one of my favorites. Also, motivating me to break out the Dremel and create my own works of 1/6th art, unfortunately all I have to show for it is a dozen mounds of melted plastic and sculpey (never could get that baking time down pat), which only reinforces my high regard for your talent. Your truly a artist and I've benefited from your knowledge. Thanks for all the time that you dedicate to your website and Joedom.

Time: 2000-04-26 15:38:32
Guest: Eduardo Rojas
Date: 26-Apr-00 03:35 PM
Jimbob, Man, I just cant get enough of your work!!! I just saw your Little Sister figure and shes....beautiful!!! Personally I think she's the best youve got. Based on your work I started customizing barbarian warriors. Eventhough Im in pre-school compared with you, someday Ill send you a picture of my work, its pretty decent. Where the hell do you find all the time to work, customize and write!!?? Please keep delighting us all with your work. Congrats! Eduardo Rojas. Mexico City.

Time: 2000-04-18 13:44:09
Guest: Bryan C. Roberson
Date: 18-Apr-00 01:40 PM
Hey Jimbob. I've been checking out your site for some time now and I enjoying it a great deal. I thought that I would go ahead and sign your guest book. I am not really interested in figure customizing though I love what you do. I've drawn since I was a child but never even really considered sculpting. Seeing your work inspired me to give sculpting a try and I so far I love it. I have only completed one sculpture but I am currently working on two others and many others will follow those. So thanks for the inspiration and keep the updates coming.

Time: 2000-04-14 04:47:16
Guest: Wes Wood
Date: 14-Apr-00 04:52 AM
Jimbob- You do some amazing work, with great commentary. I keep coming back to see what's new and for inspiration, but every timeI do, I feel SOOO inadequate. Wes

Time: 2000-04-12 01:11:52
Guest: Ryan Matthews
Date: 12-Apr-00 01:14 AM
love everything especially the henshin cyborg stuff

Time: 2000-04-11 23:37:41
Guest: Eric McNeal
Date: 11-Apr-00 11:33 PM
Jimbob, Great stuff as always! "About average" for you is pretty damn good I gotta say...Superlatives maybe sort of meaningless, but your work is some of the bestest I ever seen! Inspiring, and challenging stuff. I enjoyed the departure from the Jimbob female archetype...just don't stay away from it too long. We gotta get our fix! Later Eric

Time: 2000-04-11 18:21:27
Guest: art acevedo  
Date: 11-Apr-00 06:21 PM
This site is great--been looking on and off for a year. I like your "erudite smart-ass"style.

Time: 2000-04-10 17:36:02
Guest: David
Date: 10-Apr-00 05:37 PM
Just signing this damn thing since you said to on your page! Nothing constructive to add. I have been coming here off and on for more than a year and enjoy the rambling and the information.

Time: 2000-04-08 17:03:51
Guest: Ken Vargo
Date: 08-Apr-00 04:58 PM
I've been visiting your site off & on for about a year and to say the least I am impressed with all the work you do, Maybe someday I'll create something worthy of show. Hope you continue the work as I know I will continue to enjoy it. Thank you for enjoyment. Ken Vargo

Time: 2000-04-07 06:14:51
Guest: Franz Strobel
Date: 07-Apr-00 06:19 AM
Jimbob is the guru of all toy-breakers -- the head, heart, and hands of this hobby!

Time: 2000-04-06 06:34:55
Guest: Chuck Barnett
Date: 06-Apr-00 06:31 AM
What the hell, I'll sign the damn guestbook! Jim, what can I say except fo the "BEST" just keeps on getting better and better! Keep up that incredible work, you're an inspiration to those of us that toil away in anonymity. Truly, the best page I ever visited keeps on getting better! Take care, Chuck

Time: 2000-04-01 10:04:34
Guest: Rob
Date: 01-Apr-00 10:04 AM
Jimbob, OK, so I finally got around to signing your guestbook! Usually I just wander off in a daze after viewing your cool customizing... I agree 100% with your views on recasting and "just do it" (too many folks talk the talk, but won't follow thru). Keep up the good work!!! Rob

Time: 2000-03-29 23:00:55
Guest: Marcia D. Smith
Date: 29-Mar-00 10:58 PM
Hi! I am a dollmaker. Got your address from a list serve I belong to, as I am interested in historical figures and costuming. Your site is FABULOUS!!! Forgive my screaming at you all; but it is. I am rather new to dollmaking, and started with soft sculpture. Since then I have discovered paper clay and wire support systems. You give me hope, so I'll keep plugging. Your "stuff", is fascinating. Can't hope to see everything at onece, so I'll be back!! Marcia

Time: 2000-03-29 01:16:42
Guest: mad fruit  
Date: 29-Mar-00 01:11 AM
you have yes good site why no updates

Time: 2000-03-28 13:44:58
Guest: David Bernard
Date: 28-Mar-00 01:39 PM
Hey, love your site! Especially the WWII stuff.

Time: 2000-03-27 15:23:56
Guest: Donovan Sims
Date: 27-Mar-00 03:20 PM
Your work is an inspiration to customizers and collectors alike. Are there any other 12" customizers with the same standards of articulation and focus to detail? I really appreciate your website and that you allow everyone to benefit from your knowledge, experience, and talent. Much thanks to you and your work.

Time: 2000-03-26 22:43:07
Guest: cool dude
Date: 26-Mar-00 10:41 PM
i think this good bestest webpage. yes

Time: 2000-03-26 01:08:07
Guest: Adam Bosse
Date: 26-Mar-00 01:02 AM
Hey! You know damn well I am always here checking out your pages! Your pitiful plea for attention: 'sign the guestbook' worked. Happy now? :-) Huge fan, Adam

Time: 2000-03-24 21:51:50
Guest: awsome man  
Date: 24-Mar-00 09:51 PM
this is the most best good site on the web

Time: 2000-03-24 08:45:21
Guest: Lawson Reilly
Date: 24-Mar-00 08:40 AM
You should do a PBS series ("This Old GI Joe"). Really, your work (modeling and website) is an inspiration. After perusing your site for the last few weeks, I've cleaned up my "workshop" above the garage and restarted some of my projects. I'm especially impressed with your writing skill and humor. Your site is unique among other hobby sites in that reading the text is more enjoyable than looking at the pictures (but don't get rid of the pictures). Although I don't share your enthusiasm for big boobs, I think your work looks terrific. -- Lawson

Time: 2000-03-23 20:08:06
Guest: Lochaber
Date: 23-Mar-00 08:04 PM
Dear Jimbob, I've been checking out your site for the last several nights now and I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your work. It's absolutely 1st class stuff. Ya got a great thing going here-- of course I loved the babes. Wish I could come close to the models you make-- my Janes would all be full-figured uniform stuffers that looked like real women instead of barbies.(Heavy, heavy, sigh!) Best wishes for your continued success (and obvious obsessions!)

Time: 2000-03-18 10:55:35
Guest: fred
Date: 18-Mar-00 10:55 AM
dear jimbob. my dawg jes died an ah'm feelin' awfly blue.

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