09/30/99 - 03/04/00

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Record 43
Guest: Mike
Date: 05-Mar-00 12:58 AM
Aloha Jimbob, What a great site. I commend you for keeping and posting the pics of Mike Cherry's work inspite of the heavy handed Megalomanical machinations of a certain toy company left unspoken (say that 3x fast). Everytime I come back to this site I learn something new. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Record 42
Guest: chucky J
Date: 04-Mar-00 07:02 PM
This is cool web for 12" Action Figure. Thank you for information everything. I like it very much.

Record 41
Guest: Joe Adams
Date: 27-Feb-00 12:41 PM
u fucking rule

I've been called "Occupant", "Valued Customer", and "Hophead" before, but this one's a new one on me! (I wonder if he meant "rube"? ;^) --Jimbob

Record 40
Guest: Mac
Date: 24-Feb-00 08:38 PM
Love the walkie talkie. I also think SOTW comes out with one or two cool items every now and again. Your site makes me feel so inadequate.

Record 39
Guest: Randy Riker (yet again..)
Date: 07-Feb-00 12:15 PM
Hi again! Just finished looking at your updates on Elizabeth "Evabeth" T., and as usual, your depraved mind has turned out yet another masterpiece- she looks fantastico! I'm kinda glad your foray into 3-D DIDN'T go as planned. No offense, but you strike me as too much of a hands-on artisan to foray into cyber-sculpture. Besides, it'll be there when you're truly ready for it! Thanks for the update- once again, YOU DA MAN! -R.R. P.S. I still hope you'l do a figure series in regard to "Babes in Zero-G" or "Girls of the International Space Station"- If ya missed it, see my entry below!

Yo, Randy! Glad you enjoyed "Evabeth". From the "Eve" prototype pic I've seen, it doesn't appear that Dragon is following my lead into sleaze, so I'm not redundant yet... I like your idea of the space bunnies, but of course the problem is figuring out the costuming without making 'em look like wrinkled silver mylar balloons. ("Realistic" can be such a killjoy!) The skintight "Barbarella" look might not be practical, but it's a shade more eye-pleasing. Hey, I thought I'd taken care of the zero-gravity look with Gretchen Gazongas??? --Jimbob

Record 38
Guest: David
Date: 06-Feb-00 12:26 PM
Great website dude! Check mine out--I've barely started in this hobby. I've got custom-painted 1/6 scale 21C Schwimmwagens in case anyone is interested! Keep up the cool work!! Dave

Record 37
Guest: Charles R. Kearn
Date: 24-Jan-00 07:58 AM
Looking forward to a great 2000. As usual,great writing Jim. If this sight ever stops being, I will quit this hobby for ever. Or until I can get a fair price from Cot's, which ever comes first.If you are looking for WWII vehicles,e-mail me. Or if you are building your own from scratch,e-mail me.I need help.

Record 36
Guest: A Crazed Canuk!!
Date: 19-Jan-00 10:21 PM
Jim, your stuff is, like WAY TOO COOL! And your tips and things are just excelleant! Thanks, Murray

Record 35
Guest: Clif
Date: 04-Jan-00 11:33 PM
I'm very impressed by your work. And the femmes are irresistible! Thanks for the informative and hilarious commentary.

Record 34
Guest: Carlos viches
Date: 03-Jan-00 03:52 PM
I do have a way of repearing a broken pin of a dragon figure please call me at 305 223-3271. I dont like writting emails ,because I take to long to write a letter

Record 33
Guest: Lamech
Date: 03-Jan-00 07:16 AM
Thank you, Jimbob! You inspired me so much!

Record 32
Guest: Dave
Date: 26-Dec-99 07:33 PM
This is DEFINATELY the COOLEST site for custom fans to hang out and relax!

Record 31
Guest: Eric
Date: 10-Dec-99 01:04 PM
Jimmybob, I'll spare you the excessive praise and keep it short: Your stuff is amazing. I was reminded of your figures by this new movie "Being John Malkovitch" (where, in the film, they use some unbelievably life-like marionette puppets sculpted to look like the actors). I recalled checking your page out a while back, and now I've stumbled onto it once again and you've only gotten better. Keep up the good work. In the words of James Earl Jones, "Most Impressive." I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Record 30
Guest: Randy Riker (again..)
Date: 09-Dec-99 04:20 PM
Just had another politically incorrect idea for a figure project that requires the Qui-Gon-JimBob touch- a space based series called "Girls of the International Space Station," or "Babes in Zero Gravity." Just think, JB- women in tight-fitting flightsuits, or half-undressed, floating in a computer generated space station setting. With digital technology, it wouldn't be hard to create the backdrops, or "float" the space hotties in a Mir/Skylab/ISS or Space Shuttle setting. I happened to be thinking of a Space Camp Barbie (shudder!) I saw while shopping for Christmas toys for my nephews/nieces/Depraved person next door, and that's what inspired me to contact ya. Keep in mind, too: in zero-G, nothing sags, and less IS MORE. Too bad NASA doesn't make space bikinis. Sound awesome, or what? The Specialist/L18 Roger, out.

Record 29
Guest: Randy Riker
Date: 09-Dec-99 03:31 PM
Hello again, JimBob! Glad to hear ya got a new toy! hope your creative hiatus doesn't last too long. You might consider for your next figure project a "Derek Flint" figure. For those of you poking your heads in the door, Derek Flint was America's answer to James Bond in the 1960's, and was portrayed by James Coburn in two movies, "In like Flint" and "Our Man Flint." (1963 and 1965, respectively.) Flint was every inch the ladie's man, dishing with bodacious babes like Carroll Baker, Gina Golan and Yvonne Craig (yes, BatBabe herself-yow!) You could find him in Moscow, Italy, Cuba, and the Bahamas, surviving crematoriums, skydiving from Learjets, and performing hundred-foot swan dives into tropical lagoons. The premier super-agent, Coburn was even trained in cetacean linguistics (communicating with dolphins!) The movies are great- do check 'em out if you can find 'em. I think the movies are Paramount releases. Flint would make an excellent action figure, and complement your Bond figure nicely. or hey, how 'bout BatBabe? The Specialist/L18 -out!

Record 28
Guest: Robert O'Doherty
Date: 25-Nov-99 07:26 AM
Thanks for the customising inspirations and a great web site. I hope your 'temporary retirement' doesn't last too long. Always enjoyed my visits to this site, makes work go so much faster !

Record 27
Guest: Tom
Date: 24-Nov-99 01:49 AM
Living close to Belgium , I knew that Duvel was the best beer :o) (Translated it means Devil, don't have to explain why I guess) Enjoy the break and come back soon !!! Tom

Record 26
Guest: Tom
Date: 24-Nov-99 01:49 AM
Living close to Belgium , I knew that Duvel was the best beer :o) (Translated it means Devil, don't have to explain why I guess) Enjoy the break and come back soon !!! Tom

Record 25
Guest: Chris Sanford
Date: 03-Oct-99 09:00 AM
WOW! This has to be the most informative, entertaining and enjoyable website that I've visited. Have you ever considered putting together a printed book in your "spare time"(heh! heh!, just kidding!!!) I can't wait to see what oyu come up with next; whatever it is, I'm sure it will be great!

Record 24
Guest: Randy Riker
Date: 30-Sep-99 02:13 PM
Great website! Jim, given your fascination for babes with bodacious bazooms, I wonder what your wife thinks? Maybe a page regarding the trials of a hobbyist's wife, with Mrs. Jim-Bob as moderator? Hmmm... Love the pages on Gretchen, Wet Gal, Fakk-Q, and Babes with Big 'Uns! Fantastic work, and I can't wait to see what springs next from that deliciously depraved, wildly creative, politically incorrect mind of yours! Well done! Randy (aka "The Specialist/L18)
Well, after reading that I just had to ask what she thought of GG..."She looks good," she replies, kinda puzzled as to why I was asking.
"No, I mean what do you think of all the babes with huge boobs? Does it bother you?"
"No...?" She shrugs and looks like I was crazy for asking.
I've got it figured out though... as long as I'm busy working on these things, then I can't be pestering her for OTHER things... That's the secret to a long-lasting relationship! ;^) -Jimbob

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