06/21/99 - 09/23/99

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Record 23
Guest: Vince Garcia
Date: 23-Sep-99 10:12 AM
What an OUTSATANDING web site. I like all the costom stuff you are doing.Im working on a 1/6 scale Panther tank to go with all these Dragon figures I went into debt getting.

Record 22
Guest: Jim Lau
Date: 18-Sep-99 03:41 AM
new custom factory from HONG KONG Modern British is coming

Record 21
Guest: Dana Bongiovanni
Date: 05-Sep-99 06:40 PM
Wow the stuff on youer page here is all most god like (I know that makes me come of as an nimrod).How did you get into this stuff any way?
You probably were too polite to say "...really warped. What kind of childhood did you have?" In answer to your REAL question, yes, I was breast-fed as an infant. --Jimbob

Record 20
Guest: Eric McNeal
Date: 14-Aug-99 11:15 PM
Jimbob, Great site! Came for the NHC Fig info, stayed for all the great figures(double entendre intended!). Thanks ELM

Record 19
Date: 13-Aug-99 08:26 AM
Your site address showed up on the Dollmakers' Discussion list. WOW! You are doing some neat stuff! Dollmakers on our list work with porcelain and the different polymer clays. My favorite is Cernit. You were recommended for your "how-to" pages. Have you seen the Barbie make-over books by Jim Faraone? (1) Fashion Doll Makeovers, Learn From the Artists and (2) Fashion Doll Makeovers, East Meets West. When you said you were using GI Joes for "bases," I thought of these books---maybe some new technique you could adapt...If you ever get the urge to sculpt your own figures, there are a number of very fine artists who travel giving classes. I've taken classes from Louis Goldstein, Jack Johnston (wonderful!) and will be taking a class from June Goodnow (NIADA) this fall. There are also art-doll organizations you might be interested in...Can send you more details if you are. Bye for now--Cindy

Record 18
Guest: Eduardo Rojas
Date: 08-Aug-99 08:45 AM
Jimbob, Your work is amazing!!! You're a great artist. I loved your big boobs girls, your armored knights, well, everything. You certainly add an interesting twist to the Joe world! Congratulations, and good luck always! Eduardo

Record 17
Guest: Albert Batista
Date: 07-Aug-99 08:11 PM
What a site! I came here looking for Toshiro Mifune and found Zatoichi and Jakk2, Goledeneye, and some other luscious ladies that my Joes would kill for.

Record 16
Guest: James Songco
Date: 07-Aug-99 03:20 PM
Kewl site. A place for the artists to get more inspiration and know-how for one's 12" collection. If I only had more time,"too many projects, never enuff time." Keep up the cool work.

Record 15
Guest: Scott A. H. Ruggels
Date: 03-Aug-99 11:43 PM
So, Jim bob, I loved the article about the Neo Henshin Cyborg 99, and I would like to aquire one, but.. what's the price? I have a 1997 version I picked up at the San Diego comic-con, but I may not be so lucky this time. Also does the New cyborg have replacement heads and skins to make him into other figures (like the marmit does now, and what the original cyborg did in the 70's) ?Inquireing minds and all. I really want to see 99's joint action.. Hmm.. when will Takara do a Neo Shojo Cyborg 99? Hell, when is Eve gonna come out? have fun. Scott

Scott-- It sounds like you know much more about this than I do! I can't answer questions about Takara's product line since all the good info is in Japanese, and I'm a newbie to the line. The only place I've seen Cyborg 99 was at ToyJapan for $49. I'm still waiting for a few more NHCs to arrive, and I hope to do some comparison articles as well as some customizing tips; it's rich & fertile territory for some quick & easy stuff. Have you noticed that the skinny robot head is about the same size as the neckpin shaft of a standard Joe head?

Record 14
Guest: elgin
Date: 03-Aug-99 01:58 PM
great site. Thor's Reich seems to be no more. know what happened to it?

Record 13
Guest: Ron Hembling
Date: 19-Jul-99 10:26 AM
Jimbob what can i say but great work your figures are an inspiration i've only made 2 custom figures at the moment which are a 12 inch borg and a 12 inch picard. once again thanks for the inspiration keep up the excellent work

Record 12
Guest: will emero II
Date: 15-Jul-99 08:50 AM
Hey Jim - Dig your work! Stop by frequently for inspiration and ideas. One of the more enjoyable sites on the net. Thanks, dude!

Record 11
Guest: Sean Vandehey(again...)
Date: 15-Jul-99 04:35 AM
Wow. I just read through your old guestbook and those surveys you have up. More stuff I never knew was there. Good god man, how much stuff do you have online that's only accessable by a link in some other part that's only accessable via the guestbook or something like that? I suppose I could use your search engine, but if I found everything right away, all that'd be left would be new stuff... Anyway, I saw your post from mid 98 about the Marmit Troopers... Glad to see that they were released, but I was wondering: Will we see the Sandtrooper or the Tie Pilot over here? And why the hell does Hasbro Japan do such nice stuff while Hasbro America churns out crap like that 12in Ceremonial Luke? I looked at a Ceremonial Luke with a Jedi Luke, and the Jedi Luke has a decent Mark Hamill head. As for ceremonial Luke, I don't know jack about that... Although I dig his saber, and I'm glad I got him for $7 at Software Etc... Anyways, I also read that email you put up from the guy who was mad that you didn't sell anything. Funny stuff. And as long as I'm on the soapbox here, allow me to plug this site... This is a great site with some excellent work. I highly reccomend it to all interested in custom figures, although they have other stuff too. I guess that's all for now. Keep working and we'll keep drooling. Once my dad gets his new digital camera working, I'll be able to take pics of my stuff, and I may be motivated to both work on them, and finally learn HTML and do a site of my own... Like I need more demands on my time. I already need to get a job so that when college starts in the fall, I'll be able to pay for it. Then there's all the schoolwork I'll be doing... Perhaps the website will be delayed even longer. But I'll be sure to let you all know when it happens, and I'll probably be stealing JimBob's format. ;)

Record 10
Guest: David Bowyer
Date: 14-Jul-99 09:50 PM
This is the single greatest Joe page on the web. I visit here at least once a week and have been inspired to start my own custom pieces. Thanks Jimbob!!!!!

Record 9
Guest: Patrick Farrell
Date: 14-Jul-99 08:58 PM
Great work JimBob! Keep it up more tips amd more WWII!

Record 8
Guest: Tim Hunter
Date: 09-Jul-99 04:17 AM
I just wanted to thank you for your insperation. Your website is one of my favorites, I check the site daily for new updates. Always exciting stuff, Keep up the great work.

Record 7
Guest: Ransome Chua
Date: 09-Jul-99 12:28 AM
Hey Jim! I actually didn't want to write anything in your guestbook as I was afraid the damned thing will talk to me and tell me to bugger off!!! (just like the email did!) didn't so here I am! Keep up the great work and don't forget to feed the CAT! Ransome

Hmmmm... to the dogs, the snakes or the gators? ;^)

Record 6
Guest: Michael Carroll
Date: 07-Jul-99 03:03 PM
Jim-Bob, yours is The site for any Gi Joe geek-boy, which I am. Somehow I got lucky and hit on your site early on and I can't stop myself from coming daily. This is the first and last stop as far as I'm concerned and the only reason I haven't signed the guestbook is because I was afraid I would be too much of a gushy-fanboy type. Your work is fantastic and the work you put into this site is obvious. Say, while I've got you on the line, I bought the new 12" Qui Gon and I was just assuming I could swap heads (like with the 12" Boba Fet) and the head and neck are all of a piece, which drags as it's now a big ol' customizing job thingy and not a quickie....any hints. I'm assuming I'm gonna have to cut the torso apart to swap over. The only plus side is the articulation is excellent with the head and neck all one piece (like shudder Barbie). Well you asked for responses...I'm hoping you don't regret it now. You are (and this is the gushy part) inspirational to fanboys everywhere, Please don't stop. Michael Carroll.

(I said I wouldn't do this, but I'll be brief) Qui Gon? Scott Baker's Web site! (in the "Reviews" section) --Jimbob

Record 5
Guest: Sean Vandehey
Date: 07-Jul-99 05:42 AM
Hey, Jim! Great work! I'm consistently inspired by your projects to steal your website format for my site I'll eventually have once I get less lazy and apathetic and actually work on something once in a while... Anyway, your stuff is great. Lots of neat tricks and tips learned simply by browsing through the vast backstock of articles and rants. Your reviews are top notch, and I find your work entertaining, informative, and inspiring. In fact, the other day I was at the local cheap theatre watching Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits(a truly excellent movie starring a British schoolboy and six midgets...). Before I discovered your site, I would have thought "Hey, some of that stuff would make cool toys! I wonder who could make them..." Now that I've discovered your site and have followed it religiously for all of this year and some of last year, I watched that movie, thought "That'd make some great toys!" and immediately began to think about how I was going to go about making them... Once I get money and motivation, and not just ideas, and decide what scale I can afford to do them in, I'll crank out some figures of the Lord of Evil, his cow skull headed, black cloaked, bone clawed minions, and probably some of the midgets(cause you can't go wrong w/midgets!)... In fact, I'll probably get some Palpatines just so I have the black cloaks to use for them! You've scarred me for life. Thanks!

Record 4
Guest: Ernie Rubio
Date: 25-Jun-99 12:06 PM
This web is possibly the most informative page of all . I have gotten alot of information for my figures here . There is one that has impressed me most of all , the one person who has made weapons out of pewter, so much detail . In Anycase you...... Who ever created this page did an outstanding job!! I hope that there will be more information , you bring to us. Thanks again! KILROY WAS/ HERE!
Record 3
Guest: T.D
Date: 23-Jun-99 06:50 PM
Nicest collection of mutilated Gi joes i've ever seen. You turn plastic and rubber into works of art.

Record 2
Guest: Luigi Di Dio
Date: 22-Jun-99 07:42 AM
Your sight has been a source of inspiration since I found it some time ago and regularly check it for updates to look at the work you've done/are doing. Though I don't do any customizing myself, your advice to 'do it yourself' in order to find out the answer to the question is very true. With that I managed to successfully pull apart a CC Joe last night. All I can say is with Hasbro's money and team of designers, and the fact that they had a pretty good prototype to work from in the first place (GI Joe, 1964!), they didn't do a very good job on the CC Joe's. There are several points which Hasbro just missed, for what reason I don't know. And what I discovered last night, is the reason why there have been so many discussions about the design of the CC Joe in the first place. I just wish 21st Century Toys had not made the same mistakes. Oh well! I guess it's time to start thinking how I can modify and improve my CC Joe. And why has Hasbro (UK and USA) got so many different body types? Surely it would have made more sense to have one, preferably superior body type, across the board for the AM/GI JOE figures. More body types means more moulds which means more money. Somehow their logic seems illogical! Se la vie!

Record 1
Guest: Mike Carrasquillo
Date: 21-Jun-99 09:03 PM
Great site, You are one Hell of a artist.

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