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Wednesday 07/06/2005 0:42:40am
Name: AngryBoot
Homepage URL:
Comments: Great to see you updating the site again, Jim! I can't say too much since I didn't bother updating mine since I last sent you an email over half a year ago. BTW, that's a great use of the JoDark body. Mine are still sitting on my shelf gathering dust since I have no idea what to do with them.

Saturday 06/18/2005 10:02:32pm
Name: Auret
Homepage URL:
Comments: Hey,

Welcome Back....

we missed ya :)

stick around a while this time ;)

btw the new project looks awesome...

Thursday 05/19/2005 0:27:10am
Name: Head
Comments: Where's the new stuff???

I miss yah!

Wednesday 05/18/2005 9:33:43pm
Name: Michael
Comments: I love your site as a 1/6 collector myself. But how about some new posts fercryinoutload!!!! It's been months JimBob!

Thursday 04/14/2005 5:11:38pm
Name: jindra
Comments: my god you're my hero!! i've been toyin w/ the idea of tricking out my les paul and you've done so much already and given me hope. i've an electronics moron at the moment. but hey, i taught my self how to build pc's and had no experience so i think i can learn this stuff. cutting up my les paul in order to make room is a little intimidating. i use an analog synth and a roland.
your humor put a giggle in my jowels a few times. thanks.

Saturday 04/02/2005 10:06:46pm
Name: D.Plesic
Comments: Have you seen this site yet?

Wednesday 03/30/2005 5:05:12pm
Name: Erik C. Petterson
Comments: Well i've been checking out your site and your progress since 2000. I am in the Military, like to putter and dream of having the time to do the things you currently do. Wife is micro managing my time (so is the Army) anyway, I too like to ramble when I'm not puttering and wasting valuble family time. Keep up the great creative force, you are a wonderful inspiration to me and others. I always get a warm fuzzy when I view your projects. Thanks for your insights and input on things significant and insignificant. sincerely Erik

Monday 03/28/2005 3:18:08pm
Name: Aubrey DeRush
Homepage URL:
Comments: Dude I love your work. My friends and I have been messing with miniatures and filming them for years. We were better at structural designs then the figures, your site has helped us change that.

~ Thanks

Friday 01/07/2005 7:05:12pm
Name: Will Calcote
Comments: Hi,
For your Star Wars figures, did you spray them with a sealer like Dull-Cote or anything?

Wednesday 12/15/2004 8:01:15am
Name: Nancy Faye Roach
Comments: I am seeking a source for the 1/12 scale IMEX Knights in Armour series. I need one of them for my miniature Addams Family roombox, based on the 1960's TV series.

Saturday 11/13/2004 11:36:47pm
Name: Tim
Comments: I hold you personally responsible for my new Maschinen Krieger obsession. Iím impatiently awaiting my 1/6 Fireball SG to arrive Hong Kong. Of course along with it goes the Cy Girl that I need to pilot it. So many to chose from Iíll probably have to get at least 3 to figure out which one I like best. Then Iíve got to find some poor slob to sacrifice and cut up for parts. What kind of figure did you get those arms from anyway? Letís not even talk about what Iíd be willing to do for the 1/6 Melusine if I could find one!!! Thanks for the great articles on the subject. Iíll try and keep track of my progress to share with anyone who is interested.

Wednesday 11/03/2004 8:08:08pm
Name: Alex Wong
Comments: Hi,
it's been a long time since i last click into your site. looks like i'm not the only one slowing down. Anyway, it's good to see that you pick up pace again and that demon lord sure look menacing. I tried painting some of my old bbi Cy girls and it's horrible. I don't know that giving eye shadow can be so difficult. :p

p.s. remember the glowing eyes figure that i did a long time ago? well, the battery leaked. :x guess i got some cleaning up to do.

till then, c ya!

Hiya Alex,

It has been a long time, but this guestbook doesn't get much traffic so it's not so many pages ago. I guess my slowing down period is over; real-world things kinda took over for a while, but may yet return. In the meantime, it's good to get back to making things, even though it's a slow process. It's funny how it works-- I breezed through the Drake figure in a couple weeks, and thought that I'd get back on track and make 12 figures this year. But the Lord Graedik and Marolena dolls have each taken around a month, so that blew my projection. I think it's because the Drake was just furniture, while the dolls are both figures and costuming; they require more design, production, and tweaking, which gobbles up time. Honestly though, the projections and the pressure of self-imposed deadlines is just a motivational tool for me-- it doesn't matter how much you produce as long as you're happy with it. Besides, nothing says that you can't return to and rework something you'd considered "finished".

Painting eyeliner just requires a steady hand, a good brush, and good eyesight... and I suppose, some use of judgement so you don't overdo things. I dunno though-- I'm not a master of this and usually keep it simple (cuz that's what I know).

Sorry to hear about the battery accident! It's fun to put stuff like that in figures, but I don't think it's very practical-- you marvel at it for a while, and then the long-forgotten battery does what they all eventually do. I'm glad you reminded me though since I've got bunches of batteries in stuff that need to be removed!

--Jimbobwan, 11/09/04

Tuesday 10/12/2004 1:01:30pm
Name: auret
Homepage URL:
Comments: hey jimbob.... i'm really glad to see you are actively customizing again.... everything looks awesome...

i personally dabble in 1:6th weapons and really like your sword and armor work...
the sword on the recent male red demon was particularly cool....

if you'd like i have a new custom weapons forum. i'd be honored if you would occasionally post some weapon and armor tips there....

if not... that's cool too...

Saturday 09/04/2004 12:57:56am
Name: RJ Mulligan
Comments: I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times... but "GREAT WORK". (there it is)

Hope your current situation have settled and the employment factor is always an issue.

I have not read everything from your site since my neck is beginning to hurt...=)

Anyway, have you thought of mass producing your items and selling them. How about hooking up with a manufacturer in China produce cheap and sell at a descent price. This way you'll always have income coming in. "Anything to pay the rent and have food on the table" If I have your talent and I'm out of work that's the first thing I'd jump on.
I'm sure those guys at Sideshow Toys do the same thing, but your items a super!

I've always wished I can purchase one of those King arthur figure that you made.. I know I can't make one that's for sure.

By the way, have you thought of making a Gladiator or General Maximus figure?

I've tried to make one and entered it in the Dragon Convention contest and won 2nd place but it was only kitbash.
I wish I can find a correct helmet or make a helmet that's just like the movie. The roman General helmet is different from the Ignite's version.

If you look at the 2003 Dragon Convention pictures you will see my figure there. Or from the web-site of Echo Base Toys retail store.

Anyway, good luck and keep up the good work.


Thanks RJ. I couldn't find your pics at EBT and googling "2003 Dragon Convention" pulled up a lot of pages for the sci-fi/fantasy convention... but anyway, congratulations!!!

I wish I were rich, I wish I didn't have to work, and I wish mass production were as easy as thinking about it... darn. Unfortunately, the "Made-in-China" route requires jumping lots of hurdles besides just being rich (which conceivably could be taken care of by the Lotto). And there's the minor detail of my stuff's basically uhhhh "fringe" appeal-- a surefire recipe for losing a lot of money in mass production. Finally, there's the thing about hand-made prototypes versus mass production: They're very different beasts. Capturing (or surpassing) the unique qualities of hand-made in a production environment adds to the cost, which goes against the concept of mass production efficiency. On the other hand, the essence of customizing is "buy cheap fodder and pour lots of free time into it". It's fun, too...

--Jimbobwan, 09/14/04

Sunday 08/01/2004 1:11:38pm
Name: TimRex
Comments: I found your site from reading on Something Awful. I usually agree with their "Awful link of the day" picks, but not this time. You do some amazing work! After seeing your site, I promptly went on a 1/6th scale buying spree. Hehe... Looking forward to updates in the future. Best of luck with everything.

Monday 07/26/2004 8:30:58pm
Comments: I admit, I came upon your site through something awfull but I thought I'd mention that you have some pretty amazing stuff here. I'm truly impressed.

Thursday 05/20/2004 5:23:22pm
Name: Chung
Comments: jimbobwan:

Sorry to read about your situation. I've been there before and I can empathize to your situation.

I sincerely wish you good fortune in your future endeavor(s).

Your comments, insights, and website inspired many within the hobby.

Take care.

Chung Kim

Tuesday 05/18/2004 11:24:30am
Name: Rex Adams
Homepage URL:
Comments: Best of luck JimBob. I know the unemployment thing. I'm working two jobs, 7 days a week, trying to make it.

While I may not have told you before, I've always enjoyed your work. I spent a few hours last Sat. enjoying your pics and how-to's.

take care,


Wednesday 05/05/2004 12:15:27am
Name: Jimbobwan
Comments: Dunno if anyone reads this anymore, but I thought I'd give Guestbook visitors a special !WASSUP!. It should be obvious from the lack of updates at the website that my attention's been elsewhere. I'd like to thank folks for not asking about that, since it seems like it should be pretty self-evident: Usually, if I upload an article, it means that I've been working on something, and if not, then not.

This has been a krazy kinda year for me; between the threat of relocation from my wife's job ending and now my own uncertain employment, I've done what any normal person would do: I bought a Weber Q barbecue grill. Gaaaaa... gas! (For what it's worth, gas ain't wood & charcoal, but as it's gotten dirtier, the grill is finally putting a hint of flavor into the meat.)

Seriously though-- although the fear and dread of relocating has subsided, the threat of it forced me to think about all this stuff we (I) have. It would have taken half a year to clear the house out and fix it up to sell it, and move all that junk. So we spent two weeks shredding old papers, including cable bills dating back to the 80's. Sheesh! I finally resolved to start parting with some of my wonderful toys, and developed a database to generate webpages and eBay html, e-mail messages, calc postage fees, etc.. The eBay part has worked well, and I've made some bucks off of guitar and Godzilla stuff. Star Wars and Exosquad stuff is going, along with whatever else I've stashed out in the storage shed that I haven't looked at in years.

Although I haven't unleashed it yet, the database generates a low-tech javascript/e-mail webstore/garage sale, where I'll eventually try to unload some stuff. That will be linked off of the main website. I'm not trying to become a business, but envision this as an online ongoing garage sale: It's not to sell stuff that I make, but some of the stuff that I've bought, keeping only a few samples of the stuff I really like. I really don't have room for a gazillion Dragon variations on the German uniform, and the spare boxed-up uniforms aren't doing anyone any good.

Going through the junk has wakened another curious urge-- Model Railroading! My old N-gauge layout was trashed because I needed to reclaim space, but as I cleaned it up, I remembered that it's really neat stuff-- and nowadays they have digital independent control systems for locomotives. I couldn't bring myself to sell it piecemeal on eBay. If I clear out just the rear section of my storage shed, I'd have a huge area to resurrect the layout. With an 8,000 BTU airconditioner, it's feasible...

As for looming unemployment... umm, yeah. Updated resume and a account... I feel like I've taken at least a few steps in the general direction... Wheee, what fun!!! I haven't done that in decades and really look forward to the experience (NOT!).

--Jimbobwan, 05/05/04

Monday 03/29/2004 11:34:32pm
Name: fuzzhead36
Comments: may i are INDEED a very talented person....i find your work simply amazing,and you deserve to be recognized for it,i have been looking over your site and i do admit,i am overwhelmed...i have a question,have you ever thought of doing a zev figure from the lexx series?not the first zev,but the second one?(xena seeburg) she would be a sight to see in 1/6 scale.thanx again!

Thanks for the props, FH36. Unfortunately, this stuff isn't very useful for the résumé and hasn't blazed a path to a new career. But it's fun, and I enjoy it.

Zev's a cutie-- the one with the pouty lips, right? I enjoyed that offbeat show before the SciFi channel scheduled and depromo'd it into obscurity! These days I don't usually make stuff that's tied to a particular series, but I'm not above being inspired by/ripping off particular looks that appeal to me, and shoehorning them into my own little "worlds"-- that gives me freedom to extend in directions that appeal to me without feeling obligated to observe the "canon" that surrounds formal media properties. (I think that many shows would benefit by using metal or break-away brassiere costuming...)

--Jimbobwan, 04/03/04

Thursday 03/25/2004 12:18:25am
Name: Santorrostro
Comments: Yes, Mr. Jimbob, Nadja looks like Nadine Jansen.
You're the Master.


Thanks... (Darn, and I was trying to do Sharday... ;^) Congrats on catching this-- it's somewhat "off" prolly because I tried to give her a less friendly expression than her usual; then sometimes I think it's her nose, or her cheeks, or something else that I can't put my finger on (I wish, but my wife would kill me). This one would be much, much better in 1:1 Real Doll format...

--Jimbobwan, 03/25/04

Friday 03/19/2004 9:19:55am
Name: jim rae
Homepage URL:
Comments: The armor you made looks AMAZING !!!!! I am working with the same idea as you, only I want a full size costume. any more pics or info on your armor designs and how would be great......really looks so good on the you sell those?

Thanks, Jim. I don't sell the stuff I make since it's just a hobby to me. But yeah-- I want a full-sized suit too!!! I watched Valentine Armoury pound away on some suits at a Renfair; I'm sure that it's a lot easier in 1:6 scale, but there's some stuff that I couldn't pull off (not for a lack of trying). Although I got the book largely after-the-fact, I think Brian R. Price's "Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction" (Paladin Press, ISBN 1-58160-098-4) would be very useful. There's also bunches of FREE stuff on the 'Net through Google, which is where I got a lot of my general direction (and misdirection). Good luck!

--Jimbobwan, 03/25/04

Thursday 03/04/2004 7:01:12pm
Name: Chris
Comments: I guess this may seem odd, but I've visited your site for years and I've always wanted to see how you display all these figures you make. Are they all up on some master shelf system, organized by genre? Or are there only a couple out and the rest lie in boxes in the closet? You've never had any pictures of your display really. There's been some pictures of your work area and such, but what about them all together? Where did that big, green ogre queen go when she was done? Is that naked lady doll proudly displayed on the entertainment center in your living room? What does the spider crone look like standing next to your 12 inch corp hicks from aliens? What about your purchased items? Does Ultraman ever take the Dragon Kubel for a drive? C'mon, Jim. Take a wide, wide shot with that camera. It doesn't all have to be staged outside in the yard or in the snow.

And did you ever finish the rest of those robot suit kits? What about the tank?

I want continuity. I have a vested interest in these projects. I just want to make sure they're all ok, got married and had kids.


Okie dokey, Chris. I'll get right on that... (not! :^) In my opinion, if you've seen one photo of a cluttered shelf of dolls, you've seen 'em all-- they usually look pretty funky, and basically serve to show how much junk you've accumulated, or how much of a slob you are. Even though the last photo of "Downtown Angel" was a shelfer, most of the extraneous stuff was cropped. The out-of-scale real world stuff kills the illusion and makes the dolls look like the tiny, insignificant dolls that they actually are -- why would you wanna do that?

Frankly, exposing one's personal space for all the world to see seems kinda creepy to me, but yeah-- there are lots of shelves and flat display surfaces on all walls of the room and in the closet, and they're loaded with supplies, junk, and dolls (and dust). The dolls are generally grouped by theme, and I try to give some of them a slight diorama-ish look, but some of the display packing is pretty tight (especially the sci-fi Ma.K. stuff) It's pretty ugly... trust me. I've boxed up lots of the non-customized stuff and still have a bunch of unmade kits, including a couple of the Ma.K. robots-- time and space, y'know?

--Jimbobwan, 03/09/04

Monday 02/23/2004 11:05:43pm
Name: sean (connery)
Homepage URL:
Comments: the gorgon looks amazing so far. i hate it when you make something that i like enough to want to buy, because i know i'd have to fabricate it myself to get one. like your fakk-q julie strain figure way back...

anyways; question for you or anyone reading this; has anybody picked up one of the terribly over-breasted, rubber-skinned living dead dolls 'fashion victims' from mezco, and more to the point, does anyone have pictures of one naked, preferably with a review of what kind of articulation it has and how it works?

the $30 price point is a little too much for me to pick one up without knowing whether it'd be worth the investment, but the size of certain parts certainly has potential for abuse, and seems like the sort of figure you'd be buying up to convert.

of course, they've got small waists so you'd have to beef up the body, and probably replace it entirely due to the presumably badly executed rubber skin...

Saturday 02/21/2004 2:12:45pm
Name: EricMc
Comments: Hello Jimbob!
Glad to see the guestbook up and running again. Good to see you sharing your figure projects again, too. I particularly enjoyed Downtown Angel, completely over-the-top, fantastic figure (literally!) and you managed to work in some topical commentary. Great stuff! I am really digging the two teaser pics of the Gorgon project... really looking forward to seeing more of that one.

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