Last modified: Saturday, January 6, 2001 6:20 PM

Although it would probably look just fine when reduced to the size of a Tic-Tac, this breast eagle could stand to be cleaned up a little bit...

I did a few experiments with the graphic... Unfortunately the picture below doesn't give you a good idea of the way these really look. For one thing the silver foil looks different depending on the lighting. Here it just looks brighter, but in reality it is has a metallic shine. Another thing is they're really small, and in focus.

The eagle at the top is set for 1200 dpi and printed on iron-on transfer paper. Notice how the black is dense, with no white flecks. When printing to transfer paper, you should remember to flip the image horizontally.

The second patch shows the eagle printed with silver foil. First, a band of silver was printed, and then the black layer was overprinted. The problem is that the black ink doesn't adhere very well to the silver foil. I tried briefly to print just the silver areas as a negative print, and then overprinting the black. I wasn't satisfied with the results, but really didn't try too hard though, and there are a bunch of ways you could experiment with this. Maybe later. As is, the ink flecks off paper way too easily for this to be useable.

The third patch is the iron-on transfer on cloth. Notice that you lose a little bit of definition, and the image is considerably rougher. Its main advantage is that it's durable. I haven't tried doing a transfer with the silver foil-- I dunno if it would stand up to the heat.