21st Century Weapons Sets

Last modified: Saturday, January 6, 2001 6:20 PM

21st Century Toys released some excellent modern weapons sets, but neglected to identify any of the weapons on the packaging. I suppose this was an act conscience because it just might lead to some confusion in a drive-by shooting: "Hey-- hand me the... uh... uh... y'know, that gun with the knob thing on the side... no, not that one! Damn!" Anyway, the text & ID expertise credit goes to Mark/M1911A1 of the Sandbox, who obviously knows his stuff. (The last break-in at his house was foiled when the perps failed the bonus round of questions... ;^) I've added my own useless commentary too...


a FN-FAL Paratrooper in 7.62mm NATO / .308 Win
b H&K MP5A2 in 9mmP (fixed stock is A2, sliding is A3)-- ( or HK94 -Jimbob)
c Steyr AUG in 5.56mm NATO (possibly the ugliest rifle ever created-- Jimbob)
d H&K MP5K Personal Defense Weapon in 9mmP with Suppressor, Folding Stock and dual mag assembly
e H&K MP5SD2A2 in 9mmP with integral suppressor
f UZI in 9mmP
g AK47 (AKM) in 7.62mmX39


a H&K MP5Kurz in 9mmP
b Colt 9mm SMG with Integral Suppressor (I think it is a 6530?)
This, from Thad (12/99): "I am a SWAT officer, and have used most of the 21st century weapons you have up on that link, although the suppressed Colt is misidentified, it is a Colt 639, exactly like mine for our entry team. The only favor I ask for providing you with this completely useless information? Tell me where to buy these toy sets... Thanks, T"
Thanks! (I hope I tagged the right pic! :^)-- Jimbob
c H&K Offensive Handgun Weapons System in .45 ACP (SOCOM Pistol) with suppressor and laser/light module
d H&K MP5A2 in 9mm with Light Foregrip
e H&K MP5A3 in 9mm with Light Foregrip
f Ingram MAC 10 in .45 ACP / 9mm Luger
g Ingram MAC 11 in .380 ACP / 9mm Browning Short
h Colt M1911A1 that has been gunsmithed (ring hammer, beavertail grip safety) with SureFire Light Module and tape switch
i Dual 9mm box magazine

Here's a good source for further information: http://www.recguns.com