by Francis Tavares

Last modified: Monday, December 31, 2001 2:12 PM

What a dilemma! Suppose you've got a killer website named "Battlefields" with a purely WWII military focus, but you happen to love the James Bond genre too? Fortunately, Jimbob had the lack of imagination to come up with the insipidly generic "Image Depot" name, which leaves the door open for posting pictures of just about anything! (These are a far cry from pictures of my cat though, doncha think?)

I'm always amazed by what Francis comes up with. He's done a very credible headsculpt of the young Sean Connery as James Bond, with that '60's-ish look. And of course, his tailoring skills are unsurpassed. While superficially the black suit looks similar to Medicom's, you only have to inspect them up close to feel the difference (based on stuff he's sent me). And of course, there's the exquisite gray flannel suit...

The feather boa'd "La Femme Nikita"-type gal fits right in with the genre and is also a first for Francis. I joked to him that he'd covered up the wrong parts though... ;^)

Thanks, Francis!