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fantasy bikini demoness doll

09/14/02- What does a Cheescake Demoness do??? Especially one dressed in something which looks like it was ripped from the pages of a Victoria's Secret catalog? When I first made Lilith, I didn't have a concept much beyond doing a Coopish take on a demoness. I liked the idea so much that I made a second one, Livia. (Actually, seeing Simian Productions/Barsom's garage kit of the two Coop Devil Gals "servicing" each other was a big inspiration, and the main reason I made two.) The "Cheescake Demoness" is still an attractive concept to me, but meanwhile, as the backstory has grown behind the figures, it just didn't seem to mesh very well. Lilith wasn't a problem: She's the older boss demoness, kind of an evil, pleasure-seeking, indolent creature. She can get away with wearing something totally sleazy and impractical. But with two dressed like that, it implied some kind of equality. As any fool can tell ya, the epicenter of Evil doesn't permit two equally evil prima donnas (unless they're yanking at each other's hair)-- it's in the rulebook of the Black & White World. Therefore, it became necessary to adjust the costuming slightly: Livia got a few extra trappings of power, like her crown, cloak and the pouffy shoulder thingie. Lilith got the whip and the trident. This suggested her subservient role as a captain or personal guard. The revealing nature of her outfit suggested something kinda kinky too-- a little bit of S&M, and possibly an unnatural relationship with her queen-- a carryover from the original Coop inspiration.

The recent Demon Warrior projects suggested another possibility: If you've got Demon Warriors, of course you need a Cheesecake Demoness Commander to make sure they aren't off picking daisies or picking their noses... Someone who carries a big whip and likes to use it... Someone to wear a fancier version of their basic armour, with a breastplate which makes huge breasts look even bigger! So I decided to make an armoured outfit for Lilith. The armour suggests additional, practical duties which fit in with a storyline and serves to better differentiate the roles of the two Cheesecake Demonesses.

The problem was, I like her original scanty snakeskin outfit: I didn't want to do something that might severely impede her and Livia's ability to have their near-naked fun. Personally, I'm not entertained by dressing up dolls with multiple outfits, so I didn't want her to have two different outfits to fit two different roles. Ideally, each figure wears/carries all their "stuff", eliminating the need to store extra junk. Therefore, I conceptualized the armour sections as add-on accessories; the sections would be overlaid on her original costuming and designed so that they could be put on or removed easily, in various combinations. And so it is-- a helmet to remove, three hooks to unlatch and she's back where she started. She doesn't even have to change her underwear. There's actually a little more variety than shown above; the lizard skin chest panel is easily removed for the metal-bra-with-deep-cleavage look.

Once again, this is a "rough draft" that I've rushed through to bring you some early weekend entertainment. A number of areas scream for even rudimentary detailing-- the metal bra, the belt, the helmet -- but you can spend lots of time just designing what you want to put there, and each one can be a subproject by itself. Ideally, you'd want to use some design motifs that would be unique to the culture. (If you really want to bog down a project like this, stop to create a culture, complete with your own fantasy alphabet or glyphs.) Details like that are best added after you've committed to the basics of the design; otherwise, you may waste a bunch of time on stuff that you may not use, or have to reconstruct.

The rough draft phase goes slowly enough, even when you're rushing through it. There are so many ideas and different approaches to weigh. What materials and techniques are you going to use? How are you going to connect stuff? How is it all going to fit together? Things which seem like good ideas don't always look great after you've constructed them. For example, the bra/shoulderpads assembly is held in place by two hooks which latch in the over-the-shoulder pieces. Originally, this looked really funky, similar to a contemporary flight harness (sorry-- flight harnesses doesn't look funky on pilots): It was very disheartening, considering all the work I'd put into the separate pieces. Fortunately, the fix was simple but just took a while to realize: The hooks were hidden by ornamental castings and the shoulder armour was attached on top of, not under the o-t-s pieces. It made a huge difference. Similarly, I went through a lot of positioning/repositioning with the helmet's mesh skirts, even trying it with/without and using different materials. I'm still not very happy with the way it looks and I think she looks better without the helmet (or the armour, for that matter). But eventually you tune in on a basic design that looks acceptably okay.

fantasy bikini demoness doll