Darkness brought comfort. Darkness was an amorphous shroud which subdued the noisy vista and washed sharp detail into murky shadows. An opportunity. Something to be used for advantage. It favored alert, quiet finesse and punished the loud, the boisterous, and the oblivious. So she waited purposefully and patiently in-between, in the man-made neon twilight. It was only a matter of time.

Tonight's wait was not long, although the commotion of the emergency vehicles altered the usual pattern of the evening. Eventually, a lone departing patron staggered and stumbled into the alley, bathing in the warm glow of his inebriation. His dimmed awareness drew him to the glittering attraction half in the light... but blinded him to the danger concealed in the dark. And within a heartbeat, it was done; the slurred beginnings of a stale pickup line died gurgling in his throat.

She wiped the thin wet trickle from the edge of her mouth. The orgiastic tide rushed over her, breaking the trance and dissipating the dense crimson haze. Clarity returned...and she froze in stunned realization: Omigosh! What about that slice of pizza in the toaster oven?



I'm sorry Virginia, but there is no Halloween Bunny!

The pushup boobs are a total sham, created just for this picture. The dual ice cream cone boobs are blobs of unfired Cernit, built on top of her permanent ones, blended and painted to match. Since this would be framed as a closeup shot, it didn't matter that she actually had 2 pairs of boobs. (Kinda like the concept of falsies: If yer not gonna get any...) Similarly, the frilly top from the Selena figure didn't actually need to fit. And since these were disposable boobs, why not make the index finger indentation? For that matter, why pose the hand via the arm and risk messing up the unfired boobs? Instead, the hand was attached to an external boom and maneuvered into place right before the camera shots. However, that's real fake blood-- stuff called "Reel Blood". It did an admirable job of simulating pooled blood, smeared blood and fresh wound bruising. It was an awful lot of trouble to go through for just one shot, so that's why I took 10 pictures with slightly different lighting and angles. Journalistic integrity? Well, there's no digital manipulation other than cropping-- just good old fashioned trickery. Sorry.