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Fortune smiles upon us. We'd been trying to interview Ms. Lindsey for some time now and after many scheduled, then cancelled appointments, we began to feel that this was never to be. On a lucky tip from an insider, we finally caught up with Ms. Lindsey on the set of her upcoming movie, where she graciously agreed to take a few moments from her busy schedule.

JBWID: You're a hard one to get ahold of!

LINDSEY: Yes, I'm perpetually busy.

JBWID: Tell us a little bit about this flick you're starring in... "Deathwhacker", is it?

LINDSEY: Yes, that's its working title for the moment, but that seems to change every few days--just like the script. (laughs) As you can see, it's a swords & sorcery flick, but with a good measure of tits & ass thrown in. It's really quite wonderful. I get to strut around showing off my legs and boobs. My boobs are big enough as it is, but when I put on this top, Omigosh!

JBWID: I noticed... ahem. But isn't it really uncomfortable?

LINDSEY: It does get hot after a spell under the lights. But for the most part, no. It's very lightweight and moves where I move. Mind you, my double does all the high action scenes. I'm certain that the outfit would have some difficulty...ummmm containing me. I do a lot of arched-back posing with my breasts jutting out and it's sufficient for that.

JBWID: Movies are a new thing for you. Does this mean that you're getting out of modelling?

LINDSEY: No, not really. It's just something different and a new opportunity. A gal's got to stay busy, or at least be able to pay the bills! Mum's not doing well and care is very costly... on top of the astounding cost of prescription medicine. Her HMO just dropped prescription coverage, and you couldn't imagine the time I've spent trying to find alternatives. It's unbelievable that our government would dawdle on such an issue of immediate national importance.

JBWID: Uhhh... yeah. So just how big are you?

LINDSEY: Hey, I'm sorry but I really have to get back to work. It's been a pleasure though, and give all your readers a great big kiss for me!


Hey, what can I say? It's a quickie costuming thing on an older unfinished project. The only recent work was replacing the feet with a pair of altered Cotswold style. And in case you didn't know, Hasbro's Jane feet (like so many other) JUST DON'T WORK! I don't put up with that crap any more than I'd put up with a car that sometimes starts.

--05/28/01, Happy Memorial Day...



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