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107 degrees outside. Damn, it's hot! But it's great weather to be digging a hole and lugging around huge rocks to make a pond. It makes you sweat. It makes you thirsty. You drink lots of water, but it doesn't quench your thirst. You drink until you feel bloated. Water... it's wonderful stuff. It all ties together in a perverse way, as lake levels continue to drop, water usage rises and locally, we're on the verge of mandatory water rationing. It's the perfect time to make a water garden.

I'm treading water. I haven't worked on any new figures since I discovered the joys of working outdoors. (After a while, the mosquito bites don't even bother you.) So instead you get Lindsey again, testing out her bikini. The pictures don't show it, but here's a casual observation: white unlined bikini bottoms turn semi-see thru when wet.

As you can see, Tobiwan likes her too.

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