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The unsinkable Titanic in drydock, awaiting fitting of 6" heels and garter belt


My wife "accidentally" (she sez) tossed the Fredericks of Hollywood catalogs, so I've had to wing it without consulting authentic reference materials from the trenches. (Sob) What a hardship. It made me realize what a bad husband I'd been for never having bought her any of that stuff... :^)

Not quite 6", but they'll do. I had an extra pair of Masterpiece Edition feet lying around so I grinded them down, formed the toe kink and drilled the heels for screws. The screw head was grinded down and the whole thing was puttied with tinted Magic Sculp. The hose was cut and superglued where the flesh meets the heels; unfortunately, the "toe cleavage" got lost beneath the coarse weave. This, and the fact that I'm using the vintage-style feet means the feet & stockings can be replaced with the extra pair of bare feet that I'd originally worked over for this figure. (Realistically though, I'll probably just reuse them in a future project.)

The vintage-style feet are great for supporting weight because of the mix of materials and the pressure fitting rivet: The naked Evabeth figure weighs about 248 grams compared to the naked Dragon figure's 132 grams (FWIW, CC Hawk River Joe weighs 226 grams, Masterpiece Edition weights 135 grams). This is an important issue for figures which don't wear ankle-supporting boots (if you like your figures to be capable of standing for extended periods of time).

The most satisfying thing about the addition of the hose is that it does a respectable job of breaking up the articulation seamlines of the knees and ankles. It's always a challenge hiding that stuff through costuming, especially if you want to leave some skin showing. After all the work it takes to make one of these figures, you don't want to stick them in a jumpsuit!

The garter belt took longer than it should have because I couldn't find material scraps which looked right. I wasn't too fussy about getting the belt part correct, but I did spend some time fashioning the strap clips & fastening mechanism. Sorta like working on a WWII German harness. The challenge was figuring out how to make the buttons at the top of the stockings: They needed to have something like a pinhead to secure the clips, but needed to attach to the stockings securely. I used the melted sprue trick-- melt a rounded nub on one end of a plastic shaft and melt & flatten the other end. That gives the button a wide flat base which can be superglued to the elastic with a strong bond.


We furnish you with a fancy chalet and all you have to say about the Big Red One is "It kept coming, and coming, and coming?"




Hi, I am Evabeth.

Birthdate: February 6, 2000

I am realistic female, designed to interface with Heinrich and friends. My highly-articulated body is ready for action and can assume over 1001 positions, as a live human being seen in the book of Kama Sutra. I never have headache.

My clothes, hairs, head, hands, feet, and upper torso concepts are removeable for maximum fulfillment when entertaining friends.

I come with many accessories to inflict much pleasure and enjoyment.


(I had to give her something else to wear so she could smoke. That's important for "action figures", considering the amount of action they actually see.)