Last modified: Saturday, January 6, 2001 6:20 PM

I hope you've forgiven my little indulgence with the DML parody... :^) There's something really endearing about their web site-- it's so unpretentious, and not filled with those glitzy graphics and annoying and cheesy animations which often substitute for content. I hope they keep it that way.

Their "Eve" figure is probably one of the most eagerly anticipated figures in a long time. Most people were blown away with what they did with their male figure, and the fact that they're big on innovation and taking their time with her probably means that she will be really special. (I'm sorry, but Hasbro's grinnin' nurse GI Jane doesn't do it for me.) I'm especially curious because what Dragon comes up with has some bearing on whether I'll continue to near scratch-build my female figures. It's a lot of work! So I'm really curious to see what design decisions they make.

Until then, my "near-ideal" female figure is the "Masterpiece Edition Dragon": My first attempt resulted in Gretchen Gazongas, (above) hubba hubba. As I said, this is a lot of work, and it's really messy work. Shaping the parts and tweaking the fit can take whole days of actual work time, which doesn't include the finishing steps, headsculpt, outfit & accessories. It's also wasteful of figures, since it takes the parts of two figures to create one figure. I've been cannibalizing defective Dragon figures, so it hasn't been as sinfully decadent. Actually, I have too many figures already so I'd cannibalize a healthy Dragon without hesitation-- for me, their outfit and gear are the exciting part of their new figure releases. I also get a perverse thrill thinking about how much money it's taken to create a figure to my specifications...

Some folks might be curious about the step-by-step. Ahem... I'm deliberately vague about this because they're my hard-won, non-OSHA approved techniques. An experienced modeler would have little difficulty putting the clues together or coming up with his own techniques. Paying dues is part of the gig, y'know? Hmmmm... maybe when I write that book or do that video??? Awwww, just sit back, enjoy the pics and wait for Eve.

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