Escape From Jimbobwankenstein's Pit 'O Parts

Saturday, January 6, 2001 6:20 PM

Gee, I forgot to warn you about the picture of naked plastic dolls... I'm soooooo sorry. ;^)



"Once this electrode's strapped on, you'll be singing like a Vienna choir boy..."

09/12/99- Without a doubt, the easiest thing to do is just slap some stock clothes on her. In this case, it's the wetsuit thing from a Hasbro set, along with some stuff from Dragon's Michael Chan SDU figure. The gloves eliminate the hands' slight oversize problem, and they look neat too. The wetsuit fits like a wet T-shirt (Our AC's turned down, but it's not that cold). Most people call this "kitbashing" but since there's no kit involved, I think "outfit-bashing" is more accurate. Whatever you wanna call it, this is temporary-- I'm hoping to come up with something a little more kinky.

Up till today, all of the work has been on the figure itself. It's still not finished, but it's pretty close. Here she's sporting the Queen-sized set of chest "concepts". The head is a slightly reworked spare casting of the "Mall Babe" head. (I'd intended to create one from scratch, but this was much faster.)



"Uh... Miss... I'm afraid you misunderstood our classified ad for WWII German reenactors..."

09/19/99- Hell, why even pretend to do a "technique" article? This is about babe pics. Far more entertaining than diagrams & pics of dissected figures, doncha think? Once again, I wanted to really stretch the envelope-- to bulge at the seams of soft core tackiness, just one step shy of crossing over into the realm of udder tastelessness. Why? Because it's down there...

To effect this, I had to go beyond the titanic augmentation of "Beach Queen", and expand the chest concepts to a size most people rarely see, except in swank reference materials. More importantly, they are intentionally fashioned to appear "globbed on", hyper-inflated and impossibly gravity-defying, a look popular with many individuals who select the prestigious career path of "Exotic Dancer". Despite the appearance of bouyancy, this effect was challenging to achieve. Even at 1:6th scale, dense materials tend to sag due to gravity.

I might even finish this "costume" someday.