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Could it be Future Klink of Stalag 1300?



Maaaaan, I don't think so but (1) I didn't have the box text translated and (2) I really don't care! It's an unusual variation on the '97/'98 Neo Henshin Cyborg, so here he is. Despite his goofy little smirky anime face and big hair. (It's "GaoGaiGar" sez Mark, from the Message Board: "...The cyborg, Guy, combines with a giant robot lion to become the giant robot GaiGar. The addition of a stealth jet, train, and some kind of drill-thing make a bigger robot, GaoGaiGar...")

The box appeal sucked me in since you get a lot of stuff. This out-of-box pic shows him broken down a little further than they intended-- his face is supposed to be attached. However, you do get the idea: It's a yellow innards figure with some opaque plastic parts and an set of plastic armor pieces which attach to the outside. Many of the sections are two pieces which press-fit together around the figure. The manufacturer has high quality standards, so all of the pieces fit well together.

The chest armor has a little gimmick: Like other 97/98s, the figure has a battery powered light-up feature in the chest. The left chest panel is hinged and can be opened up so he can flash you with his alluring breast light. (It's prolly supposed to be some kind of pretend laser blaster.) It's kinda kewl.

Here's what he looks like with the armor pieces attached, wielding his fearsome rubber Greenblade. Hmmmmm... Like that goofy face is gonna fit in with any of the other stuff I've got? I don't think so...

Fortunately, his head can be easily disassembled and the cutesy elements removed. As you can see from the previous picture, the basic figure looks a little more serious without the comic book stuff, even when you leave just the empty head shell.


Fortunately for me, I happen to have a general purpose gold plated mask just lying around. With a couple blobs of Qwik Tack, a Sideshow Toy brain and clear dome, he gets a 10-second trial conversion into something a little more serious looking. That's just one of a number of fun possibilities. I believe that it's wise to avoid the oversized pupil-ed, wet-eyeball look, but that's just me. (Even though it looks great on "Cutey Honey".) It must be time to watch "Cyber Ninja"...



(In this case, big eyeballs are okay by me!)