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I haven't shot any web site pictures outdoors, and there's a good reason for that-- you get chewed up by mosquitos, and it's not air conditioned out thar. But I thought these looked neat. Okay... they're filler.


It was the dawning of the Age of Men, an expression meant to refer to both men and women and a semantic insensitivity which would be corrected later in the history of the world... Sage necromancers like Merlin recognized and accepted this as the natural order of things, while others resisted the change, desperately fighting to expand their relevance in the changing world.


Merlin muses, "I see a time when neatly manicured lawns will subjugate the wilderness, and battles will be fought by grasping the body of a man-made rodent... "

"But what about Love?"

"Yes... Love. There's always Love. For the desperate, Love too will be found by grasping the body of a man-made rodent."


"Merlin, again you speak in riddles. Is this the future of which you speak, or the past? To my ears, that sounds like the way of the sorcerer."