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This could be considered a continuation of the "Gutting a Dragon" article, since it continues the reworking of that Adam figure, but now on the outside. In retrospect, it seems like an insane thing to do-- putting all this work into a figure which had proven itself to be full of defects. At the time though, it just seemed like more radical surgery.

The project was initiated by the fact that I had an unused headsculpt from an earlier project, and the head was out-of-scale for the intended ME body. The Dragon figure, being taller than any other GI Joe figure currently out there, presented the opportunity to use the headsculpt. So the size pretty well determined that this was gonna be a big ol' mean ol' Amazon momma. Not everyone's cup 'o tea, but heck, I didn't make her... FOR YOU!


I guess I got carried away with the exaggerated proportioning (no surprise there, huh?), so I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out costuming to make the figure look less lewd. I don't think I succeeded, but I had a good time anyway. I've always wanted to make a figure with a brass brassiere (it's really just plastic, painted to look like metal). The metal skirt is from an unusual cigarette case my wife had discarded ages ago...I knew that it would eventually come in handy. I made several versions of head decorations: the metal coif, a wig, and the strange horned thing. (That actually came from my smaller format "Sith Queen", who is related to this figure, in spirit.) A couple of other things came from smaller format junk: the necklace pentagram and the staff head. The robe/cloak came from an Emperor Palpatine figure, and is a tad too short. I'd make one if I had material like that on hand, since I think that the cloak is important to the look of the figure. You'll be surprised to know that figuring out the costuming took nearly two days! Even though it seems like a simple matter and there's nothing particularly innovative here, there's a lot of trial and error when you're staring at a nekkid figure, trying to decide what it will become, and what looks right. For me, planning it on paper doesn't help much.

In my desire to create a good-looking nekkid figure, I actually reduced the figure's articulation. I saw the waist rotation as redundant, and sacrificed it so that I could sculpt better tummy curves. Among the many modifications:

  • The rotation at the top of the thighs was also sacrificed, although that was unnecessary since she's wearing the skirt. (But it looks better underneath.)
  • The gaps in the hips-thighs were minimized. (But you still can't make this body style look as good as you can with a vintage-style body)
  • The large yawning gap between the upper and lower torso ball & socket was reduced so that it's barely noticible when hidden by the brassiere & strap.
  • The shoulder width was reduced.
  • The forearms were shaped to a more human-like form.
Between the metal skirt and all the putty additions, this is one heavy figure! There's no way the original ankles and loose articulation could have supported this weight, so it's good to know that my corrective efforts in that regard are being fully employed. During the process of reshaping the figure, I began to worry that my repairs of the defective neck, torso and arm joints wouldn't hold, since I was stressing the figure pretty heavily. However, I'm proud to say that the figure survived the process without incident. That's reassuring, because I just discovered that my second Dragon Klaus figure is similarly afflicted with the factory defects. (Not to worry though: Dragon/DML has coped with this problem very responsibly, and will replace defective figures. I just prefer to do my own repairs.)


So what the heck is "Queen Dragon Momma"? I've grouped her with my "Medieval" theme, but she's really from the realm of Fantasy, where you have lotsa freedom to create whatever you think looks cool (Although the M09 crystal staff was obsolete by the time the M44 brass bra became a popular fashion accessory). As I mentioned, she's in the same spirit as the "Sith Queen" figure-- an evil fertility goddess, Amazon, and practitioner of Black Magic. Sorta like the gal next door with the really mean dog.


The Dracula headsculpt was produced by The King of Customizers, Francis Tavares. (I'm sure he didn't intend for it to be a Dracula headsculpt though... ;^) Ten points if you're perverse enough to correctly identify the inspiration for the QDM headsculpt...


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