Last modified: Saturday, January 6, 2001 6:20 PM

Like Excalibur, this sword was also made of a stainless steel letter opener. Using the handy-dandy Dremel Mototool (and protective eyewear!), the blade was shaped, sharpened and grooved. The end was cut down to fit within a plastic rod turned on a poor-man's lathe (a drill), and reinforced with putty fill. The handle was then wrapped with upholstery thread. The handguard is made of styrene, and is engraved on the top (which you can't see, and isn't really worth seeing).

The scabbard is made of styrene and detailed at the top & bottom with putty. I hadn't done any sculpting in a while, so fer grins I got that jones out of my system with this. It started out being a vine pattern, then it became a skull, and finally this... by then the putty was getting mighty hard to work with. Anyway, if you can get over the Freudian mumbo jumbo, you'll recognize this as Excalibur's evil step-sister, Sexcalibur (Letter opener of Queens since the dawn of Time).

The letter opener's leftover scrap was used for the dagger's blade. It's difficult to get a smooth, shiny finish on the blade when all your Dremel's bits are in lousy shape. Also, it's difficult to get the same angle each time when you free-hand it. Using files and wet sandpaper eventually gets you there (I guess), but it's much more work than doing the same in plastic.