Last modified: Saturday, January 6, 2001 6:20 PM

11/03/98- This is a real quickie thing... I recently saw "Goldeneye" for the first time (I know, it's been out for a couple years at least), and was inspired to do this version of "Khadiya Biggitopp" ;^) (from Kazakhstan). This is the thrown-together version to get an idea of the general look. The 21st Century web harness has to go, but she needed some sort of belt.

My goal was to use the transexualized CC body and the rather stern-looking head as a character figure instead of just using it as a mannequin for a store-bought outfit. The Middle-Easternish looking head works well as a black-widow ballbusting character from the James Bond genre. Considering the nature of the genre though, it's sort of difficult to expand on it much. By its nature, spy-stuff is small and disguised to look like ordinary stuff... and the days of briefcases stuffed with arcane spy gear are gone. So she's decked out with an assassin/commando kind of outfit, designed mainly to make her look 'tuff' rather than being particularly logical or functional. And the helmet just looks cool tucked under her arm. It's all fantasy, anyway...

11/04/98- No really dramatic changes. I spent a lot of time making the little clips which attach to the belt, and duplicating the 21st Century web harness in black leather, elastic & ribbon. In fact, I reused their black grenade rings and belt buckle (and added a few extra clips on the back to create a sort of caricatured version of it). The straps are all adjustable & the J-hooks really do clip on the d-rings (although they're a hassle to unclip). If I can add 'em in, I'll probably make some pouches to hang from the belt.

The trousers come from an Elvis doll, and they're pretty tight around the waist. They'd look better if they had a zipper all the way up each pant leg. The boots (which I'll probably replace) are from a Captain Action figure. They're bland generics, and don't even have heel or sole detail.

11/07/98- Galati Int'l makes a very stylish but functional magazine pouch for the terrorist on the go. You can never have too much ammo when you're hell-bent on raising a little ruckus.

11/08/98- Of course every spy-type needs a suitcase full of spy stuff. The PPK isn't finished yet, the bug-juice/flask needs to be painted or foiled, and I wish I had some pictures of real passports (this one's undersized). Obviously, I need to add some explosives, electronic gizmos and a hypodermic needle or two.

11/09/98- Some kind of James Bondage... The head was created by Francis Tavares, not specifically to be JB, but looks fit for the part... Off-the-shelf outfit courtesy of Hasbro's exquisite "Hall of Fame" collection. Every James Bond movie has a scene like this.