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At the outset, I knew that recreating the FAKK2 costuming would be difficult. The costuming reveals a lot of flesh and provides no easy way to hide the articulation seams of a GI Joe body. The torso/hip joint could be hidden by "force"-- using a belt-- this would hide some of the distinctive features of the costume though. Besides, the hip/ball/thigh section shows two ugly articulation seams per leg, and these couldn't be hidden by an inconspicuous accessory. The only other solution was to make a latex skin to cover the whole torso down to the thigh. Although this solved the seam problem, the skin, when stretched and folded with routine posing, looked unnatural. It also restricted the movement a bit, particularly for a torso/hip twists. After this failure, I decided to take elements of the FAKK2 costuming, but put my own "spin" on it.

This was a very liberating decision. I find it as gratifying to create something of my own invention as to replicate someone else's design: That's a different kind of challenge, and Simon Bisley's images of the FAKK2 world would make drool-worthy garage kits!. This solved a problem-- I could make the figure so it wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb in the retro-futuristic-Aliens theme I seem to have developed. (That's the reason why my Cassandra figure didn't remain "Elvira"-- where would I put her amongst the Germans?) In addition though, it lets you retain control over who this character is... and that guides your costuming and accessory making decisions.

(You ain't badass unless you've got a coupla funky tattoos. ;^)

I envisioned FAK-Q as a sexy but grungy futureworld huntress... That's the image that the FAKK2 pics invoked. Diverging from that basis, I was able to ditch the red costume in favor of less comic-booky colors. As part of my own backstory, I saw her as having roots back to the military-- either as a scavenger of, or as a former soldier. The rest of the outfit would have a worn, cobbled-together, accumulated look; the result of having been on the road for a long time. Perhaps she could be equipped with some organic devices/pets-- the bounty of her travels to exotic places? As for the outfit's skimpiness, the makeup and the boobs... well, that's typical Hollywood/Jimbob-fetish for ya (again)!

One of my goals for this figure was to make the outfit as skimpy as I could: I didn't want her to be wearing a pair of pants, and a skirt didn't do it for me. So the leg joints still presented a problem. My solution was to glue the ball to the thigh section and putty over the seam. Although this reduced the range of motion somewhat, the result was acceptable. (Vintage Joes can't sit down anyway.) This left only one seam per leg to be hidden-- not a problem for a bikini bottom. (I would have preferred a high-cut design, but sometimes we must be realistic and accept what we're given.)

Torso/Hip seam: As I mentioned, this seam could have been hidden by a belt, but I chose a skimpy armless T-shirt, reminiscent of the outfit worn by Ripley at the end of Alien. This comes down just low enough to hide the seam. It also does a good job of exposing her boobs from the side (heh, heh). Maybe it needs to be ripped a bit...

Torso/Arm seam: The heavy-duty shoulderpads conceal this seam. They were sculpted in Super Sculpey (a quickie job), and cast in hard resin.

Torso/Neck/head seam: The leather choker/collar hides these two seams and also gives the shoulderpads a place to anchor. In turn, they make the choker stay put when the neck twists, so the neck seam stays hidden.

Elbow/knee/wrist/ankle seams: These are hidden by the oversized arm and leg coverings. These were also sculpted in Super Sculpey, but cast in tinted latex so that they would be flexible at the hinge joints.

Biceps seams: These are covered by leather wrap and a scrap of latex, worn as bracelets. It doesn't make sense, but I think they fit the look of the piece.

There are a bunch of things you can do with this, accessory-wise. I've reconstructed some items from other projects, including the backpack harness, straps with grenade attachments, a belt... There's also a weird barnacle-like doo-dad with huge spikes on her back. I dunno what it's for, but it looks cool and it breaks up the symmetry. It also gives the netting/cape somplace to hang without covering up anything important. Since the photos were taken, I've added a few more things-- a sword, dagger, & big-assed machine pistol (slightly bashed from a Leslo copy of the vintage machine gun). I like the look of the SOTW WWI British Gunner's mega-gun, but it's really too much. (!!!) It's that issue of wanting to add more, but you reach a point where you start covering up the other good stuff. So I've given up plans to use some of the Predator designs, like body armor and a mask. What's the point in making a mask that I wouldn't display her wearing? I'd just have to find a place on her to stow it.

left: The barnacle doo-dad painted up with a snake-like creature in one of the holes. The concept of a "third hand" is extrapolated from the Predator's shoulder cannon and the Colonial Marine's lamp. It could be a "pet" (similar to a pirate's parrot) which serves as a sentry for early warnings... or a weird piece of organic technology for life support (nourishment?). Maybe a weapon?

right: Trophies... (Hey! My first idea was too crude, even for me...)

07/27/98- Still goofing around with this... pic#1:I don't know where the sword came from, but it's big & vac-metalized-- I redid the hilt with some nasty spikes, and it fits into a sheet brass whachamacallit covered in leather. pic#2: The Leslo gun, painted in camouflage. Also note the "holier" shirt. I wondered why someone would bother wearing such a torn-up thing, so I lettered it "Lucky1". pic#3: The leg coverings & shoes. The shoes came from a Gil Jones batch of equipment that a friend sent, and I thought they looked suitably "combat-bootish". A nice departure from high heels...

I've been tossing around a few other ideas: A mask really could look cool-- I know because I played around with a trashed one I had left over from the HOF "Snake Eyes" figure. I also played around with the eyepiece from the "Aliens vs Hicks" set (this pic)-- It's supposed to be a computer/occular interface, hinged to flip out of the way (because it makes her look ugly!). I haven't made the robotic flight drone for reconnaissance, but the wasp-like design from Zeiram 2 comes to mind. Finally, I'd love to make a steed; a birdlike creature similar to Taarna's from Heavy Metal would be cool. However, I don't have any raw material to work from, and it would sure take a lot of clay & mold stuff to scratch build one!

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