These are some good reference books with color plates. Most of the photographs are not historical: The uniform and equipment are displayed on models, re-enactors or on mannequins. Of course, if you're hoping to replicate militaria at 1:6th scale, photos are never as good as having the real thing in front of you... But we make the best of what we can afford, right?

The prices shown are the list prices printed on the books' jackets except where noted by an asterisk(*). In those cases, the list price was unknown, so I used the (discounted) price which I paid.

You can probably buy these books through Action City or Amazon Books.

A Word War II Infantry in Colour Photographs ©Laurent Mirouze 1993, Windrow & Greene ISBN 1-872004-15-6 $15.95 66 pages; Axis & Allied (Infantry); 2 views each uniform; (paperback)
B German Army Uniforms of World War II in Color Photographs ©Wade Krawczyk 1995, Motorbooks International ISBN 0-7603-0249-9 $39.95 128 pages; Dress & combat; Several views of each uniform; details of equipment
C World War II GI in Color Photographs ©Richard Windrow/Tim Hawkins, 1993, Motorbooks International ISBN 0-87938-832-3 $39.95 144 pages; Re-enactors in combat settings; details of equipment
D Red Army Uniforms of World War II in Colour Photographs ©Anton Shalito, Ilya Savchenkov & Andrew Mollo, 1993, Windrow & Greene ISBN 1-872004-59-8 $15.95 63 pages; Single view of each uniform; equipment & decorations appendix (paperback)


E German Automatic Weapons of World War II ©Robert Bruce, 1996, Windrow & Greene ISBN 1-85915-043-8 $26.95 128 pages; Live fire photographs; detail of weapons stripping; some uniform reference
F SS Regalia ©Robin Lumsden, 1996, Chartwell Books ISBN 07858-0228-2 $17.98 (*) 160 pages; collection & historical photos; single view; detail of equipment
G Nazi Regalia ©E.W.W. Fowler, 1996, Chartwell Books ISBN 1-55521-767-2 $15.98 (*) 160 pages; collection & historical photos; single view; detail of equipment
H Camouflage Uniforms of the Waffen-SS ©Michael Beaver & J.F. Borsarello, 1995, Schiffer Publishing ISBN 0-88740-803-6 $59.95 292 pages; mind-boggling variations...for the fanatical & truly discriminating camo buff


In addition, you should check out An Der Front. They have a great selection of books with pics & descriptions, plus you can order from them. In addition, the web site is a pretty good reference all by itself.