06/03/98: I've been falling into a lot of dead-end ruts lately, searching for something to bring meaning to my pitiful existence. Is there nothing more to life than large breasted women dressed like sluts and toting huge guns?


This project fulfills my deep spiritual need to create something besides big-boobed white and green women.

The white one on the left is an African American Masterpiece Edition GI Joe bod that I'm in the process of modifying. She was originally the same size as the one on the right. I learned a good lesson about speeding up the cure time of Milliput: don't let your lamp melt the thing you're working on. The downward pull of the body's internal elastic worked together with this mischievous property to squish quite a few scale inches off of her height. (This doesn't work for 1:1 scale humans.)

It would look great to cast some fake flesh to cover selected articulation areas so I could make a sleazy and revealing outfit for her. She'd then be able to join her sisters in the "Babes With Big 'Uns" page.
What I'll probably do is forego all that extra work and make a sleazy but less revealing outfit for her. Then she'll be able to join her sisters in the "Babes With Big 'Uns" page, sooner.

06/07/98 Head shot: The very first trial photos had really pronounced cheekbones and it made her look too masculine. So I fixed it and tried again--the picture on the right was edited in Photoshop to simulate painting. Her head was still too fat, so I thinned it, which is the raw sculpt on the left. It's tough to make a thin head because the neck pin is pretty fat-- that's pretty much a fixed limit that you have to work within, unless you wanted to redo the neck pin and torso socket.

06/08/98- This scandalous shot again shows the size difference between a stock Masterpiece Edition Joe and a transexualized Jimbob-Joe-She-Shorty. The paint turned out to be a lot darker than it looked when it was wet. This also isn't a permanent paint job; it needs to be gone over with steel wool, repainted and sealed. I also added some epoxy putty unfolded fingers to her right hand... the original "hard hands" pincer-grip (the Joe salute) looks strange, and I've never really liked it.

For some reason, it was really difficult to get good photos of this. If I directed the light at the figures, the white dude was waaaay overexposed. These modern @#$%!!! unadjustable CCD camcorders: They're really light sensitive, and the auto gain circuitry sometimes doesn't make very good guesses about the exposure.

06/09/98- These are some more test head shots-- this time painted with real paints. The really snarly photo was taken this morning, with the hair just piled on and under really forced lighting conditions. The other one has matted down hair. The first photo looks really crummy and grainy, and I couldn't figure out why-- it turned out that the 9 volt battery in my Snappy was nearly dead. I managed to revitalize the battery for the other shot.

The military jacket she's (sort of) wearing was just expedient, but looks pretty natural on her. That may be the case with military jackets in general... I envisioned making a leather outfit, laced up in front, but I'll just have to see what develops. Even though she already looks like she could whup some ass, I'm sure she'll end up with a big gun.

I repainted her after mixing some paint which better matches the color of the AA plastic. The first batch looked like it matched in the bottle, but dried much darker than I thought it would. Weird. Paint matching is necessary so that if paint does scrape off, the damage won't look so obvious. So far that doesn't seem to be a problem: By smoothing the sockets which the painted ball joints rest in, friction is minimized. There's also less tension in the elastic, since the body is shorter and thinner at the shoulders.

This pic also shows an alternate hairstyle-- it's for the less military look. I don't have an outfit lined up for this yet, or even an idea of what I'm going to do. I also gave her removeable earrings and a choker (to hide the neck seam-- actually it looks pretty unsightly by itself. Shame that I glued it on...)

A gag photo, done for a Sandbox thread, "Saloon Brawl: MEs vs CCs!".

As you can see from the picture, *my* ME would nab CC's eyeballs and tie them in a knot. (Delivering a swift kick to the crotch would be sorta pointless, y'know?)

...more photos of me...

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