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You just can't get enough of dem yummy Groat Clusters, now available in twist-top packaging!

05/27/98: Since I liked the look of the raw castings, I didn't want the paint to change her look drastically-- just emphasize some of the effect that the lighting imparts. Therefore you may not see much difference, other than the shininess. I airbrushed lighter and darker green-grays onto the major planes to emphasize roundness and brushed dark gray into the recessed areas. The stomach area was detailed with thin horizontal strokes of diluted light and dark, to bring out the striations. I considered a similar effect elsewhere to give the impression of out-of-focus complexity just beneath the surface, but decided that there was already too much going on at the surface.

A diluted wash of elastomeric urethane acrylic (siding caulk) was brushed on to seal the surface: That's what gives it the shininess. Beyond that though, the practical reason to do this is to seal the latex so that it doesn't degrade from contact with room humidity and other nasty things in the air. I was concerned that the caulk's slight tackiness might cause a problem with parts sticking to each other but that hasn't been the case, other than in areas which were touching when applying the wash.

(Some of the squishy fiber-filled parts feel downright creepy with the slick caulking applied over the thin latex membrane!)

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