Great picture, huh? I've been trying to bludgeon myself into inspiration, and after looking around & thinking a lot I may have come up with something which I may be excited enough to tackle, and hopefully, complete. What you see in this picture are two brass rods with a nylon hinge stuck in the middle. The hinge comes from the radio-controlled aircraft section of a hobby shop. If you tighten the rivet or replace it with a screw, the rods will stay posed pretty securely. If you wrap the ends of the hinge with a bit of craft foam, you get a pretty good friction fit which lets them rotate within the rods. Sooooo, what does this have to do with anything you say?

Gaze upon this hideous creation and despair!

These are some animation sprites I made for a total conversion Doom WAD I did waaaay back. They're scanned, colorized & touched up from the 3.75" scale model version which I show somewhere else in this web site. (It's really nice that you can use these things for something else besides dustketchers!)

Well, you see, I'm sort of bored with just doing variations on the same theme, and I want to do something that's a variation on the same theme, but with a slight difference. Hey, it doesn't take much to amuse me. Ergo, the articulation aspect. Notice where the nifty hinges might be used? I've already made the big-boobed body section, so all I need to figure out is how to implement the insect legs & tail section. And all the other familiar junk. And because this is an original design, I can detail the body with an eye towards hiding as many of the articulation joints as possible. This is kind of an ambitious project, so it will probably take a long time to complete-- especially since I've grown used to procrastinating with a bad TV, beer & snax habit! Fortunately, Babylon 5 is winding down so maybe I'll get off my duff and pick up the pace a bit.

Meanwhile, here's a web site that I found while seeking inspiration: Armaverse. They make armature kits which appear to be very reasonably priced, especially when compared to Taylor Animation's $400 or $700 kits (which are reasonably priced when compared to professional armatures costing thousands of dollars). Caveat Emptor, but I'm gonna find out first-hand and report back.

After I finish watching some TV...

JB, 04/25/98

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