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Of course, if you're after sheer size, no personal armory should be without Peterbilt's M44DD, affectionately known as the "Homewrecker".

This early prototype boasted a stacked pair rocket launch tube design. Due to its tendency to launch its user, it was redesigned and a standard 10mm cannon was retrofitted into the upper tube.

The rear shoulder mount assembly also borrowed from the Panzerschreck (and bazookas, generally). This one is only minimally altered from whatever it was... A big gray box-ish looking gun, probably for a 12" Joe. I added the barrels, moved the scope and added the strap. The tubes she's holding are a carrier for its "ammo", and hook onto her backside.

Norinco Intergalactic's Jiggler 2000 sports a classic multi-barrelled approach to recreational carnage-wreaking.

This one is inspired by a weapon (M134 Minigun) in the movie "Predator". I started it from a hazy recollection of the movie-- I wasn't trying to duplicate it exactly, but I did lift some details after I got ahold of some pictures and watched the movie again. The real minigun is apparently a helicopter gun, and you can pick up a replica for a mere $2500 at CQB.

The barrel assembly is made from styrene and glued to the main body of an absurdly huge 3.75" GI Joe-type weapon that I hacked 50% of the parts from. The grips are made out of rubber tubing, so they're purely functional, to accommodate this Joe's hard hands. The forward grip folds down. The ammo belt and backpack carrier are from 21st Century's Radio operator set; the backpack itself is made from styrene. This isn't finished yet, and I'm trying to figure out what details to add-- there's a proper balance between too little and too much. (I think I added too much dirt.)

A rocket launcher is not the weapon of choice in a close combat situation.

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