BABES WITH BIG 'UNS        part 2

Guns, that is... Right. I was getting overrun by WWII figures, so I devolved a few of them into something different. That's what's swell about these 12" toys-- you can reconfigure them easily, and it's FUN!!! And lest you think that I'm taking credit for any of these're stock Hasbro, or whoever made 'em. Except for Red's bra. She needed a custom-made one since Barbie's puny runt-of-a-brassiere wouldn't fit. (And some misguided folks accuse Barbie of being overendowed...sheesh!) Blackie has a new bod since I sacrificed hers for the Susan figure--meanwhile, another bod's in the works. Thematically, I'm thinking along the lines of the grungy near-futuristic setting of "Aliens", except done up with huge hooters: It's the solemn path dictated by my high-brow "artistic vision".

One of the wonderful things about doing this original/derivative sci-fi stuff is that you don't have to worry about references or authenticity! It's a different bag altogether-- instead of scrounging references to copy an existing design, you scrounge your bag 'o' parts for interesting designs to fit a story. This "on-the-fly" designing is also known as kit-bashing: You scavenge pre-formed pieces and assemble them in a way that looks "right". Since I'm not too fussy, and it's much easier and quicker to design this way. It's also a lot of fun! For a specific, pre-determined design element, you might have to scratch-build or sculpt a part if you can't find it in your bag 'o' parts. That's why it's a good idea to save everything, despite the incredulous look your spouse gives you when you wanna keep what sane people would consider trash.

Blackie's gun is a slightly kitbashed "Terminator" gun from a plastic model kit. The barrel and rear magazine were cut off (and used elsewhere). A few strips of half-round styrene were wrapped around the front cylinder grip, and an Uzi-style front sight was added. The "laser sight" was made from one of those ubiquitous lighter parts; a dab of gloss varnish forms the front lens, and a wire connects to the foam rubber hand grip. The "rounds remaining" counter is similar to pulse rifle's of "Aliens".

Red's gun is a modified 21st Century machine gun. Similarly, the barrel and stock were cut off; a short rubber fin replaces the stock. The grip was moved forward and some styrene strips were added for additional detailing. A fancy side barrel (from an unknown gun) was added to cover the original belt feed opening, and on the other side, an arm was added with a "motion detector" (the barrel of the Terminator gun, with a wire screen at the end) glued to the end. The detector's display was placed on the top rear of the receiver, and the rounds counter is mounted on the side. Both are coated with gloss varnish to simulate the displays' glass. The trigger was reconstructed to make the grip fit better with Cotswold hands. The spring-rod linkage idea came from the German Panzerschreck, and makes it look "retro"...

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